June 2012

  1. Hrclist Publication New magazine Hot Rum Cow is a beautiful panegyric to booze
  2. Sound-dictionary-list Web Brilliantly conceived Sound-Word Index for all your emotive digital language needs
  3. List Advertising The final big winners at the Cannes Lions as adland honours a brilliant animation
  4. Parkslist Graphic Design Mikell Fine Iles gorgeous graphic look at the parks he visited in 2011 has an important social underpinning
  5. Tc Photography Gorgeous sun-kissed photos from Tony Cox that will make you long for the sunshine
  6. Norse Music Meet Kristoffer Borgli's dance mad Inspector Norse
  7. We-are-pi-list Bookshelf A Bookshelf special from the members of WE ARE Pi, an agency full of "ideas worth doing"
  8. Things-list Uncategorized — Things – illustrated rhyming slang, architectural delights and food all around
  9. Weekenderlist Miscellaneous The Weekender – aerial nudes, Kevin Spacey and proof that people are amazing
  10. Main2 Illustration David Shrigley's favourite Finnish illustrator, and now ours: Amanda Vähämäki
  11. List Architecture Cherubino Gambardella's structural illustrations are a real treat
  12. List Photography Linda Forsell's Life A Blast takes a very human look at a troubled region
  13. Jrlist Art Jessica Rankin's Skyfolds drawings are staggeringly compelling
  14. Duck Animation Any animators out there? Submit a short to LoopdeLoop
  15. Nasalist Miscellaneous Whoa! NASA scientists transform a gamma ray burst into a musical score
  16. Zoran-pungercar-list Graphic Design Slovenian designer Zoran Pungerčar gives us festival fever with his posters
  17. Till-hafenbrak-1 Graphic Design Cheers to Till Hafenbrak for some truly captivating illustrations
  18. Marriane Animation Super-graphics for your protest poster? Benoît Bodhuin's your man
  19. Robert-fresson-list Illustration Masterful and totally wonderful, Robert G. Fresson packs one hell of a narrative punch into a single panel
  20. Khlist Miscellaneous Cut-out-and keep dolls of cool film and TV characters? Kyle Hilton you charmer...
  21. Mvm-1 Graphic Design Great new site/work from graphic designer Magnus Voll Mathiassen aka MVM
  22. Hogan Animation Brilliant? Brilliant! Peter Millard's acid-trip homage to Hulk Hogan
  23. Pplist Publication Mother London create fine-looking Euro 2012 fanzine Paszport!
  24. Canneslist Advertising A solar-powered annual report among the Grand Prix winners at Cannes
  25. Omicron-list Film Eyes blink, minds boggle: The stunning effect of projection mapping O (Omicron)
  26. Main Illustration Josh Holinaty is smuggling the silly and the gross into a publication near you
  27. Ablist Exhibition The results of Anthony Burrill's Sao Paulo workshop to be shown in London
  28. Km Music Lights, camera, action! (but mainly lights) ISO Studio's video for Simian Mobile Disco
  29. Julie-chen-1 Graphic Design Beautifully reimagining the book both textually and visually is Julie Chen
  30. Owen-gatley-1 Graphic Design The Great Gatley - More beautiful illustrations from Owen Gatley
  31. Kapu Interactive Yes it's for kids, but jazz and nature trails? Kapu Forest is a treat for all ages
  32. Saullist Film Exclusive: Tomas Leach explains the effort behind his new documentary about New York street photographer Saul Leiter
  33. Nathalie-sims-list Graphic Design Pratt grad Nathalie Sims creates unexpected designs using systems and codes
  34. Menno-aden-list Photography Menno Aden's brilliant light-bulb perspective photos offer a new view on personal spaces
  35. Aolist Graphic Design LA-based graphic designer Aldis Ozolins' portfolio is bursting with ideas
  36. Canneslist Advertising Our first look at the 2012 Grand Prix winners at the Cannes Lions
  37. Joseph Film Solo mission into space, anyone? just ask Joseph Popper
  38. Chris-keegan-1 Graphic Design Spaced! Chris Keegan's cloud-spotting pareidolic pursuits goes intergalactic
  39. Onionskin Animation Thank you ONIONSKIN - never has watching an animated city being built looked so satisfying
  40. Domitille-collardey-list Illustration The vim-happy, multifarious stylings of cartoonist and illustrator Domitille Collardey