June 2012

  1. Main Photography Kalpesh Lathigra shows us the sheer detail of film sets with his new project Coriolanus
  2. Fred-tomaselli-list Art Fred Tomaselli's huge explosions of colour and detail will boggle your mind, guaranteed
  3. Ablist Illustration Introducing Aiste Bileviciute a Lithuanian illustrator with bags of talent
  4. At Film Great video of new show celebrating Alan Turing – codebreaker and computer genius
  5. Mona-choo-1 Art Nice concepts, lovely execution in the work of artist Mona Choo
  6. Rodina-list Graphic Design The Rodina claims to be "vampire supermodernism graphic design" – we concur
  7. List Product Design Design rising from destruction – new show focusses on post-tsunami Japanese revival
  8. Kylemain Illustration Future king of the comic world Kyle Platts showcases his terrifically puerile imagination
  9. Gneborg-list Art Clever-clever and weird out of it's mind - the genius that is photo duo Gneborg
  10. Calef-brown-1 Illustration Come and be charmed by illustrator Calef Brown – a real eclectic elephant
  11. Main Photography Trippy, long exposure shots of the surface of Earth, from space engineer Don Pettit
  12. List Illustration Illustrator Lee documents Euro 2012 with excellent graphic project 15 Nations Fall
  13. Inventory-lead Graphic Design Labelling invisible art works – a unique exhibition graphic design brief from Inventory Studio
  14. Main1 Animation "It is a world larger than Scunthorpe" – We Am The Kestrel's spectacular Dark Market
  15. Post Art Jill Sylvia confounds with her mind-boggling hand-cut paper art
  16. Dwlist Art Dave White captures the power and glory of endangered species for his new London show
  17. Gdlist Graphic Design Assertive design from Hanneke Minten and Saskia Pouwels as Hats & Tales studio + more
  18. Chris-pell Graphic Design Magical mystery tour of Chris Pell's line-drawn fantasy worlds
  19. Bfmain Art Is it that real life? The challenging 3D internet artwork of Bea Fremderman
  20. This-is-not-real Animation Gergely Wootsch's brilliant charm and craft in his animated "chimerical journey"
  21. Mia-pearlman-1 Art Clouded house – Mia Pearlman's paper wisdom looks amazing
  22. Julian-germain-list Photography Real class portraits from a teachers pov now being exhibited by Julian Germain
  23. Sechairslist Product Design Artist Sebastian Errazuriz turns Occupy's visceral anger into a line of chairs
  24. Creature-comfort-fred-rowson Music Creature Comfort – Fred Rowson's new video for Police Dog Hogan's World Enough
  25. Uelist Miscellaneous Blindingly good updates from Matt Pyke and Universal Everything dazzle us with digital brilliance
  26. Crawford_list Photography Photographer John Crawford gives us an expected view of nudity
  27. Main Illustration Perfect three-panel stories from apparent genius Jasper Rietman
  28. Pp Music Ever wondered what it's like to be a bouncy ball? Check out Passion Pit's Take a Walk
  29. Theo_int_bookshelf-list Bookshelf Bookshelf courtesy of James Théophane, a creative director at Clemenger BBDO "when he's not dabbling"
  30. Things-list Things Things is here – lounging with hip LA kids, learning how to make beer and loving new YCN mag
  31. Weekender-list Miscellaneous The Weekender – cash sculpture, Avatar the nightclub and face squid pregancy
  32. Elcaf-list Events Good news! NoBrow presents the first East London Comics & Arts Festival
  33. Zgmain Fashion Championing womankind – the rare creatures of Zoe Ghertner
  34. Jenny-griggs-1- Graphic Design Cut and Paste-tastic – Leaf through Jenny Grigg's paper illustrations
  35. List Product Design Young Korean designer Luna Seo makes the mundane magical
  36. Lorenze-klingebiel-list Graphic Design Graphic design by the people, for the people/fun by Lorenz Klingebiel
  37. Bmlist Miscellaneous Please pray silence one and all for the Bill Murray colouring book
  38. Andy-baker-society-all-that-we_ve-become Music Andy Baker's awesome black and white animation for new Society single
  39. Julie-mehretu-4 Art Swept away by the careering colour-rich compositions of Julie Mehretu
  40. Sick Graphic Design Typography enthusiast T.M.Addison akes us on a monochrome tour of his brain