June 2012

  1. Animlist Advertising These spectacular, surreal shorts for MTV by Kungen and Hertigen are near-perfect
  2. Paul-herbst-list Photography Quick chat with photographer Paul Herbst on how strange is the norm and his new book Portable Hell
  3. Ed Film World famous skate photographer Ed Templeton on his life and work
  4. Admain Product Design Designer Andrew Dawes transforms/magics clutter into hovering treasure
  5. Jblistbooher_immersion Graphic Design A lesson in great book design (and brevity) from Jason Booher
  6. Raw-color-list Uncategorized — Behold! The wonderfully multi-various projects of Raw Color studio
  7. Ulist Graphic Design Parisian studio Untitled impress with some quietly confident graphic work
  8. These-americans-list Web If you haven't yet seen this American Suburb X project, you can thank us later
  9. Lv Animation Ill-Studio's mesmerising answer to Louis Vuitton's 'All Aboard Games' brief
  10. Aflist Illustration Mouthwateringly wonderful Aesop Fables illustrations by Japanese master Takeo Takei
  11. Vglist Illustration 19th Century French vegetable catalogue paintings reproduced in all their painstaking glory
  12. Erwin-wurm-one-minute-sculptures-3 Sculpture Just a minute! Erwin Wurm's One Minute Sculptures on show in Liverpool
  13. R Sculpture Made of money – the painstaking collages of Rodrigo Torres
  14. Indiegame Film Released this week (finally!) is autonomous creative homage Indie Game: The Movie
  15. Julien-pacaud-1 Illustration Julien Pacaud and his collaged multi-era "perpendicular dreams"
  16. Main Photography Sebastien Reiser shows there's more to petrol stations than overpriced confectionary
  17. Tcolist Graphic Design Church of London showcase some creative hits as new events space opens
  18. Nytlist Graphic Design How and why the New York Times mag plays with its contents page
  19. Main Illustration Sarcastic, yet cute nonetheless – Kouhei Ashino's charming jungle creatures
  20. Michael-jantzen-list Photography Deconstructing churches to excellent, architectural effect is Michael Jantzen
  21. Icinori-list Illustration Great illuminated alphabet by illustrative duo Icinori
  22. Gplist Advertising Spoof Greenpeace site creates hoax social campaign re Arctic drilling
  23. Forhire Uncategorized — Gorgeous animation by Xaver Xylophon brings Indian rickshaw world to life
  24. Synchrodogs-list Photography Photo-duo Roman Noven and Tania Shcheglova have The Cool and the talent
  25. Viklist Graphic Design New book celebrating interactive print design as an antidote to digital overkill
  26. Christian-montenegro-un-artista-del-trapecio-list Illustration Christian Montenegro's awesome Kafka illustrations will have you swinging from the rafters
  27. Zoe Illustration Strong, inky fem-vibes from the unique and wonderful Zoë Taylor
  28. Daniel-gordon-list Art Daniel Gordon's vibrant assemblages push the still-life genre and photography as we know it
  29. Ball-nogues-yucca-crater Architecture Ball-Nogues' pooled resources for a temporary splash with Yucca Crater
  30. Lclist Graphic Design Loose Collective nail new identity for Northern School of Jazz
  31. List Art New Ian Stevenson show skewers modern society in stereotypically funny fashion
  32. Listhl_img_shl_full-product Graphic Design New Unit Editions monograph to celebrate the late, great graphic designer Herb Lubalin
  33. Colin-doyle-list Photography Photographer Colin Doyle finds the important in the insignificant everyday
  34. List Illustration French illustrator Laëtitia Devernay takes prestigious V&A prize
  35. Pierre-dubois-list Illustration Lots to look for and love in the ink-work wonder of Pierre Dubois' illustrations
  36. Post Art Take a look at artist Victoria Haven's lovely geometric "landscapes"
  37. Rainer-kohlberger-detail Interactive It's raining algorithms in digital designer Rainer Kohlberger's world
  38. Jacob-escobedo-list Illustration The very special science fiction illustrations for The New Yorker by an ever-great Jacob Escobedo
  39. Main Interactive Secret Restaurant: a strange, sci-fi dining experience (complete with androids)
  40. Jclist Graphic Design Artist and illustrator Joe Cruz had us at hello with his wonderful work