June 2012

  1. Cg Miscellaneous Everyone say hello to our new intern, it's Catherine Gaffney
  2. Cjlist Furniture Design Christopher Jenner introduces new collection in Milan with Kusama-esque installation
  3. Main Photography Looking forward to festival season? Mehdi Benkler's photos will get you in the mood
  4. Curtisbaigent__list Film Stylised excavation title sequence by Curtis Baigent for new TV programme Archéologie
  5. Main Graphic Design Jean André de Trémontels: the French stranger with a tres cool portfolio
  6. Rrstill Interactive Rafael Rozendaal's work projected onto the world's biggest LED screen in Seoul
  7. Ptc Illustration Pieter Bruegel crossed with Where's Wally: Tom Edwards' joyous new show – The Procession to Ćaute
  8. Ml-jm-list Photography Uncanny fictions in still life by Matthieu Lavanchy and Jonas Marguet for Verities Magazine
  9. Post_-012-full Miscellaneous Grayson Perry weaves a titillating and tantalising tale of taste in new show
  10. Mmmv Music Massaging penguins anyone? New Moones video is a frosty treat
  11. Bookshelf-list Bookshelf Illustrator, designer and DJ Margot Bowman gives us a cheeky peek at her Bookshelf
  12. Things-list Things This week Things champions guinea pigs, lost lands and New York City
  13. Weekender-list Miscellaneous The Weekender – heli-cats, Tom Gauld and timelapse comes into its own
  14. Jullien-brothers Film Brilliant catchy puppy-puppet ad by the Jullien Brothers for San Francisco SPCA
  15. Studio-audience-4-list Miscellaneous Jeremy Leslie and Meirion Pritchard on the future of print on our podcast
  16. List Photography Stunning snow landscapes that capture silence from photographer Akos Major
  17. List Graphic Design The beautiful game gets a redesign in David Watson's Euro 2012 posters
  18. Bottle Film 10,000+ ways to open a bottle of beer (including using a slice of pizza)
  19. Main Photography Charting secret rivers below cities with explorer and photographer Steve Duncan
  20. Vfalist Film The full run-down of brilliant winners from this year's Vimeo Festival Awards
  21. Cwlist Music Graphic star Craig Wards turns his talents to extraordinary scientific music vid
  22. Mfdoom Illustration The man who coined the word "funshine" – please welcome Jason Jägel
  23. Nfeld_ucl_list Architecture Nicolas Feldmeyer weaves an impressive installation through the portico of UCL
  24. List Fashion Fashion designer Masha Reva wows us these flamboyant camouflaged designs
  25. Fishlist Animation Brilliant animation by UHS brings the overfishing problem to life with flair
  26. List2 Graphic Design Lovely, animal-based jazz festival posters from designers Atelier Martino&Jaña
  27. Speed-of-light Animation Animation innovators The Theory do it again with the tiniest police chase ever
  28. List Photography Beautifully still, time warped photographs of houses during estate sales from Sarah Girner
  29. Dora Publication I am Dora – Rarely has a promotional publication been so meticulously thought out
  30. Twitterlist Advertising A look at the new Twitter logo and what people are reading into it
  31. Gwenola-carrerelist Illustration Impossibly good illustrative folk vibes from the very great Gwénola Carrerè
  32. List2 Graphic Design Morse Studio fuse classic and contemporary for Falcon Enamelware rebrand
  33. Main Graphic Design If you're into unadulterated monochrome, look no further than Rosario Florio
  34. Hwlist Illustration Hannah Waldron on the development of her visual language with her move into weaving
  35. List Graphic Design Graphic designer Martin Martonen uses type beautifully throughout his work
  36. Klist Publication OK-RM absolutely nail Kaleidoscope's new contemporary Africa art issue
  37. Nieves Publication Surprise, surprise, Nieves delivers another superb, collaborative publication
  38. Okfocus-list Web OKFocus, the forward thinking, viral web-designers say "Make Your Own Internet"
  39. Stokke05list Architecture Gorgeous forest stairways to nowhere from Norway's Saunders Architecture
  40. Calist Graphic Design Stop salivating! Calligraphi.ca is the new home for calligraphy and hand-drawn type