May 2012

  1. Paul-bernhard-list Graphic Design Bright, smart and interesting; all hail the graphic design of Paul Bernhard
  2. Fflist Graphic Design Infotography project shows which foods are worst – useful AND delicious
  3. List Graphic Design Beautiful and cleanly designed pamphlets from Barcelona-based studio Hey
  4. J20 Advertising BBH rebrand J20 with creepy cool new advert featuring some real party animals
  5. Telist Exhibition Tracey Emin goes back to her Margate roots but her art goes in an interesting new direction
  6. Feist Music Simple and stunningly effective new video for Feist's Cicadas and Gulls
  7. Smithslist Photography Kevin Cummins photographed The Smiths at the height of their powers
  8. Main Photography Girls get lost! – the masculine photographs of Nicolas Coulomb are well worth exploring
  9. Emiliano-ponzo-list Bookshelf Top-notch illustrator Emiliano Ponzi gives us a guided tour of his Bookshelf and five favourite tomes
  10. Things-list Miscellaneous Time to relish Things in the sunshine-a London map, a mag that wrestles itself and some pictures not of a man's wife
  11. Weekender-list Miscellaneous The Weekender – singing nuns, Wes Anderson bingo and the first ever Tweet
  12. Fact Film A shapeshifting (and pregnant) James Franco out-runs the FCU in this unexpected video
  13. Bmmain Art Solar systems and a healthy dose of affection, Brendan Munroe's work never fails to please
  14. List Graphic Design Brilliant posters that still amaze from the 1972 Munich Olympics by Otl Aicher
  15. List Art David Lyle skillfully reproduces black and white photographs with a playful edge
  16. Benn-fiess-list Product Design Lunch vessel lust for Ben Fiess' Utilitarian Ceramic wares
  17. Andrew-groves Illustration Illustrator Andrew Groves does weird, charming, fun things for some big names
  18. Mit Product Design Saucy! MIT's game-changing invention leaves us speechless
  19. Takeshi-sagu-list Photography Do not adjust your screen, this is Sakuramadelica, aka pure joy, aka Takeshi Suga
  20. Manuel-birnbacher-list Graphic Design Civil War heroes with their faces falling off courtesy of Manuel Birnbacher
  21. Listy Product Design Fascinating concepts from designer Lucas Maassen, who gets his sons to paint furniture
  22. Uslist Exhibition Get up close and personal with an orchestra at The Science Museum
  23. Video Film Words cannot describe this trailer for Quentin Dupieux's Wrong, just watch it
  24. Wlist Graphic Design A host of top creative talent turn their skills to the Wallpaper* Handmade cover
  25. Nnlist Graphic Design Swiss design studio Neo Neo on a roll with host of great new updates
  26. Florence Fashion Saluting the impossibly multi-faceted art director Florence Tetier
  27. List Illustration Stine Belden Røed is flying the flag for lo-fi illustration
  28. Tclist Advertising Amazingly beautiful collection of 18th Century business cards/announcements
  29. List2 Graphic Design Lovely embroidered typography bursting with colour from Maricor/Maricar
  30. Es Animation Lovely making-of video for BAFTA winning animation The Eagleman Stag
  31. Rllist Exhibition Rob Lowe, better known as Supermundane, talks about his super minimal new show
  32. 3 Product Design Studio Mischer'Traxler tell us about what inspires their exciting and innovative product designs
  33. Nishijima-list Illustration Japanese woodblock printmaker Nishijima Katsuyuki has an incredible craft
  34. Wide-open-school-list What's On An alternative education from the finest contemporary artists at the Hayward's Wide Open School
  35. Main Graphic Design Very naughty, but very nice – the sumptuous digital illustrations of Théo Gennitsakis
  36. Cgmain Architecture A look at Carmody Groarke's great petrol station transformation in King's Cross
  37. Crsw Film Studio Weave's narrative architecture explored in interesting short
  38. List Art Spectacular and colourful rocky landscapes from photographer David Benjamin Sherry
  39. Studio-audience-3-list Miscellaneous Studio Audience podcast #3 with Berg's Matt Jones and The Guardian's Alex Needham
  40. List Photography Gideon Mendel's photographs of flood victims are stunningly powerful