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October 2012

  1. Pblist Art Peter Blake's fascinating new work is a must-see for fans of the Pop Art legend
  2. Main Art Funny, scary or downright rude — meet illustrator Jack Felgate
  3. Main2 Photography Let Mark Alor Powell give you a tour of the weirder side of Mexico...
  4. Studiodumbar-list Graphic Design Studio Dumbar's identity for Alzheimer Nederland ticks all the right boxes
  5. List Uncategorized First look at the spreads from our first ever annual available here!
  6. List Exhibition Houses from famous horror films as kirigami sculptures from The Paper Dandy
  7. Main3 Illustration Illustrator Santiago Salvador shows us what life should REALLY be like
  8. Main Illustration If it's at all possible, Andy Rementer's brand new paintings make us love him even more
  9. Davidchancellor-list Photography David Chancellor's Hunters offers an unsettling look at African blood sports
  10. Main Illustration Lose yourself in the shady, monochrome world of Nina Bunjevac's comics...
  11. Neighborhoodstudio-list2 Graphic Design Check out Neighborhood Studio's ultra-American graphic design
  12. Windmaplistimage Web Living portrait of a storm – a live data visualisation of Storm Sandy
  13. Skindeeplistimage Photography The human form revealed/concealed in Julien Palast's Skin Deep series
  14. Photobot-list Product Design Meet photoBot, the first automated anthropomorphic camera EVER
  15. List Architecture Zaha Hadid wows us again with stunning new Beijing development
  16. Opinion-list Opinion Opinion: Is street art really relevant anymore?
  17. Main Film Scared of flying? You will be after watching this Heathrow time-lapse...
  18. Main Art Did you just say digital embroidery?! Vaka Valo returns with some astonishing new work
  19. List Architecture A new direction for sweet shops courtesy of architect Yuskuke Seki
  20. List Web Welcome to the virtual gallery of The Temporary Stedelijk
  21. Ecologyofcolour-list Architecture Like tree houses? You'll love Nous Vous and Studio Weave's latest collaboration
  22. List Miscellaneous We have a shiny new intern, so it's right and proper that you meet him too
  23. Damienconrad-list Publication Demian Conrad's Revue Moyard is streets ahead of other furniture catalogues
  24. List Photography Sylvain Dumais reflects on our bodies as temples in his Mandalas project
  25. List Interactive Passers-by set the birds swooping in charming interactive NYC installation
  26. Hoverstates-list Web Hover States is a brand spanking new archive of the very best in web design
  27. List Exhibition A deliciously scathing take on the tennis world by artist and illustrator Jennie Ottinger
  28. Frosty Music Gruesome yuletide claymation for Sufjan Steven's new track Mr. Frosty
  29. Main Photography Barack Obama intimately captured by White House photographer Pete Souza
  30. Main Bookshelf Bookshelf: Submarine author Joe Dunthorne shows us his brilliant book collection
  31. List Things Earwax, animal posters, magazines and a Frieze family guide looking fancy, yup things is here!
  32. Weekender-list Weekender The Weekender's here throwing a party like you've never seen
  33. Main Photography Photographer Dan Wilton's very, very cool new zine STOB EHT
  34. List Graphic Design Loving the clever collage work of the ABSOLUT Network's Rafafans
  35. Alexisvasilikos-list Photography Alexis Vasilikos takes stunning photographs –check them out
  36. List Studio Audience Podcast Studio Audience – Series Two, Episode Four with photography, bikes and Bond
  37. List Advertising Isobel creates lovely campaign visuals from wool and plasticine for finance tool
  38. List-3 Publication Hurrah sign painting lives on and this new book documents it perfectly!
  39. Main Photography "Is that Nicholas Cage?" Yes, yes it is. Welcome to Gender Bending
  40. List Art Emiliano Ponzi's dark illustrated glimpse into the lives of others