October 2012

  1. Main Introducing... Introducing...The outstanding, mind-boggling sci-fi world of illustrator Kilian Eng
  2. The-sleeping-man-list Photography Adrian Zorzano's The Sleeping Man is a perfect short photographic story
  3. Main Art J.P. Acuña rustles up some nostalgia in these family-album paintings
  4. List Exhibition Group of artists beautifully explore the metaphorical powers of ice cream
  5. Alex-list Art Alex Russell Flint's paintings are the perfect mix of modernity and tradition
  6. Donhudson-list Publication Beautiful new book documents Don Hudson's photographs of Detroit
  7. Wecrosstheline-list Film Introducing the greatest old man on earth, who lives in a cave he built himself
  8. In_progress_2012_updates02_int_post__copy_3 In Progress 2012 Come one, come all – our creative conference, In Progress, is set to be a corker
  9. List2 Photography Ed Phillips' photographs will make you see hedges in a whole new light
  10. Main Illustration Pizza, babes and cute monsters here from Kimiaki Yaegashi
  11. Fionaackerman-list Art Fiona Ackerman's paintings offer an extraordinary view into her studio
  12. List Miscellaneous Samsung gave shiny new cameras to a host of David Baileys - here's the results
  13. List Illustration Come revel in the diversity of naughty but nice illustration duo Cachetejack
  14. David-list Photography David Stewart photographs women's relationship with food in a wonderfully bizarre way
  15. Thomasdanthony-list Illustration Thomas Danthony's proposed Alt-J album redesign is a thing of beauty
  16. List Sculpture Helen Friel's paper sculptures of Euclid's Elements make maths charming
  17. Cuckoo-list Animation Alexander Pettersson shows us pure animated perfection in 20 seconds
  18. List Miscellaneous It's that time of the month – we're on the hunt for a top student and it could be you!
  19. List Graphic Design Absolutely astonishing line-up of creatives take on challenge to design a sticker for Majorca's delicacy
  20. Main4 Illustration In terms of illustration, is it possible to find The One? Rob Pybus proves it is
  21. 5 Photography Adrià Cañameras photographs Agustí Villaronga with a distinct air of cool!
  22. Crop-p Illustration Hold the phone! Amazing new updates from illustrator Patrick Leger
  23. Budrodecker-list Publication Have a good gander at Bud Rodecker's gorgeous catalogue for Absent Nature
  24. Davidclerihew-list Photography David Clerihew's Americans take on new life during the US presidential race
  25. Viktormatic-list Furniture Design Stop press! Shelving just got incredibly cool thanks to Viktormatic
  26. Opinion-500x325_22_10_12 Opinion Opinion: Let's have the discussion about what a creative uni course needs to do
  27. List Advertising Really powerful advert for the new British Red Cross campaign (sponsored post)
  28. List Graphic Design Design by St and The Times come together for stunning new Olympic publication
  29. Madeinengland-list Publication Wow! The stunning new Made In England offers an in-depth look at handmade British bikes
  30. Vaeth-list Illustration Simon Vaeth's portfolio is awash with witty and skilfully crafted illustration
  31. List Art Steve Welsh's beautiful prints remember football grounds past
  32. List Photography Hala Al-Ani documents Dubai's pick and mix architecture with real flair
  33. List Publication Studio Baer's stunning Joel Meyerowitz retrospective is a thing of sheer beauty
  34. List Miscellaneous Celebrate what makes your city great in visual feast of a new Philips contest
  35. List Graphic Design Make way for TM Research's mighty archive of typography journal covers!
  36. Deforge-list Illustration Bookshelf: Malicious ants and an unfortunate dog in Michael DeForge's portfolio
  37. List Miscellaneous Whaaaaaaaat? Robot walks a tightrope (to intense trance soundtrack)
  38. Main5 Photography Daniel Kukla works eye-magic in his unbelievable series The Edge Effect
  39. Main Photography Jake Green and Emma Jane Spain collaborate to deliver some home truths in The Tumbled House
  40. Ablist Music Monday Morning Music Video stars a knitted octopus thanks to Oh Yeah Wow