October 2012

  1. List Publication Interesting book and exhibition is a textual and visual exploration of the future of typography
  2. Salist Studio Audience Podcast Studio Audience – Series Two, Episode Three with typefaces, the Design Museum and angry artists
  3. Jesse Bookshelf Bookshelf: Hilariously well-written bookshelf here from Adventure Time story-boarder Jesse Moynihan!
  4. Things-list Things Things brings us giant posters, zines, postcards, drawings and some stunning binding.. oooh!!
  5. Weekenderlist Miscellaneous The Weekender – empty paintings, theatre reviews and Coolio comes clean
  6. List-tiem Photography Tim Walker's dreamy, trippy, fantasy-filled photography is a real Friday treat
  7. Main Illustration More charming editorial illustration here in an update from Emily Robertson
  8. List Animation The brilliant Barcelona studio Forma & Co in our first ABSOLUT Network showcase
  9. List Photography Connie Zhou's photos of the Google data centres are satisfyingly Wonka-ish
  10. List Web Pitchfork's Bat For Lashes piece is a real web publishing winner
  11. List Photography Elisa Noguera Lopez photographs furry creatures on homely plinths and makes them look amazing
  12. Main Music Best video and song ever? Neil Young & Crazy Horse's utterly genius Ramada Inn!
  13. Main3 Photography Blessed be those captured by the lens of Boo George!
  14. Lotus Film Church + techno = Studio Roosegaarde's mindblowing Lotus Dome installation
  15. Main2 Illustration Big Hergé fan? You have to see Joost Swarte's Is That All There Is?
  16. List Miscellaneous The Museum of Innocence is a blistering tribute to the power of relationships
  17. List It's Nice That Annual Hey everybody! We've got some breaking news – It's time to launch the inaugural It's Nice That Annual!
  18. Main4 Graphic Design Is it possible to do too much amazing work? Not according to Alt Studio
  19. Bflist Advertising Excellent Bodyform spoof apology is perfect example of how to rake in the hits
  20. Main Illustration Cute, gross, hilarious — what more could you want? Thank you Chris Cilla!
  21. Rouleur-list Publication Incredible unpublished Henri Cartier-Bresson shots appear in the latest Rouleur
  22. Main Photography Blink and look again at the painting-like photographs of Bert Danckaert
  23. Main1 Illustration Classic case of Shoes or Bills here by the talented and witty Hannah K. Lee
  24. Daltonmaag-list Graphic Design Check out Dalton Maag's beautiful new typeface for the Rio Olympic Games
  25. List Events Kate Moross and studio just keep on producing bigger, better work
  26. List-print Product Design A printer with felt tips instead of ink: behold the mighty Penjet!
  27. Main Art Toby Ziegler tells us about his magnificent new show, 14-storeys below London...
  28. List Product Design Like Beck? Like Illustration? You will LOVE this...
  29. Botanica-list Publication Dutch photographer Sander Meisner beautifully explores neglected urban corners
  30. Main2 Music Dark and broody new video here from The xx, directed by Young Replicant
  31. Beviacomlist Set Design BeViacom's Talking Shop is a vibrant triumph of immersive spatial design
  32. List Photography Phyllis Galembo's stunning tribal photographs are finally on the move!
  33. Alexfuller-list Graphic Design The world's busiest man? Alex Fuller's super-busy creating awesome graphic design
  34. List Art Amazing silhouette sculptures by Tim Noble and Sue Webster on show in London
  35. Opinion16-500x325 Opinion Opinion: Do we really buy into big brands' PR stunts?
  36. List-book Graphic Design If short stories and graphic design float your boat then check out The Penguin Plays Rough
  37. Main2 Film Lana Del Rey pushes it further in this epic music video from director Anthony Mandler
  38. List2 Illustration Illustrating life's gloomy side perfectly, Keith Negley's illustrations are beautiful
  39. Moriyama-list Exhibition Daido Moriyama's erotically charged Tights and Lips are utterly timeless
  40. Pitt-list Photography Want to see Brad Pitt with dreadlocks and a pencil moustache? Of course you do