October 2012

  1. List Art Soak up the saturated Californian sunshine in Jen Garrido's fancy oil paintings!
  2. Main_12-44-57 Animation Amazing! Feast on some fleshy, rococo horror from the one-of-a-kind Ben Wheele
  3. Swine-list Art Studio Swine's Prism Cabinet is a portal to a tiny digital world
  4. List Illustration Basketball, arcade games and woodland parties make up the collages of Benjamin Edmiston
  5. List Exhibition Powerful show explores the new design rules at Istanbul's biennial
  6. Main Art "...hello?" Hajdu Bence takes famous paintings and removes all the characters
  7. Rudak-list Set Design That cityscape you're looking at is made from cardboard. Cardboard!
  8. Jackwhite Music Two Jacks are better than one in Mr.White's slick new video
  9. Untitled-2 Things Michael Landy, Day Job and the New Fourth and Main included in this week's Things!
  10. Main Bookshelf Check out illustrator Matthew Bromley's very impressive collection of children's books!
  11. Weekender%e2%80%93list Weekender The Weekender's here with a vicious squirrel, ready to knock your socks off!
  12. Main1 Photography Anton Renborg shoots sun-dappled bodies with a hint of the unusual...
  13. Podcast-list Studio Audience Podcast Studio Audience – Series Two, Episode Two with Full Secs, hate mail and art crimes
  14. Roses%e2%80%93list Photography Russ McClintock's photographs highlight the weirdness of Great Britain
  15. Main Film Friday fun music video here in the form of sock–puppet–riddled Mezzanine
  16. Douglaslee-list Illustration Love old 80s record sleeves? Then you'll love the airbrush illustration of Douglas Lee
  17. Monstersuni%e2%80%93list Film Boo! Pixar launch a hilarious promo site for new Monsters Inc. film
  18. Edibleselby%e2%80%93list Publication The Selby returns with a delicious looking food-themed new book
  19. Sauvage%e2%80%93list Film Adrien Sauvage's fashion infomercial, The Student, is devastatingly witty
  20. Jamesgraham_-_list Illustration It's official, illustrator James Graham is at the top of his game!
  21. Sleeperhold-list Publication Behold the mighty work of independent publishers Sleeperhold
  22. Romeuf-list Illustration Parisian illustrator Emmanuel Romeuf is one seriously talented visual maverick
  23. Derekwelsh-list Photography Derek Welsh's Graft collection features a whole host of design gems
  24. Mplist Art Universal Everything's new works mimic a Tai Chi master's movement
  25. Main2 Film Kinetic sculpture at its very best: Check out these ultra-satisfying cause-and-effect videos by HarrimanSteel!
  26. List Publication The latest offering from viction:ary explores creatives' love of monochrome
  27. List Illustration Bowled over by the excellence of illustrator/designer Stephen Cheetham
  28. Filmtheorylist Graphic Design Come enjoy the intellectually heavyweight design of Cox and Grusenmeyer
  29. Jdlist Illustration Irish illustrator Denise Nestor has a real skill for pencil-based portraiture
  30. Main_10-21-16 Photography Raging seas? Nope, tennis ball marks – marvel at the work of Taisuke Koyama
  31. Mimileung-list Illustration Mimi Leung returns from the wilderness with a new site of great work
  32. List Sculpture 1,664 reused yoghurt pots + bucket loads of creativity = stunning light installation
  33. Marathon Art All you runners out there, stop and look at the sweet illustration of Bloeme Van Bon
  34. Main Student of the Month Please give a warm welcome to our new Student of the Month – Daphne Christoforou
  35. Mmlist Publication Stunning new book documents Paris studio M/M's 20 years at the top
  36. List1 Photography David Bailey photographs young talents taking Frieze by storm for Mr Porter
  37. List Music A silly take on the lip-synch music video from Sam Bailey and Amer Chada-Patel
  38. Yoshida_list Graphic Design Pure unadulterated stationery porn from Swedish studio Lundgren Lindqvist
  39. Main Publication We've got nothing but love for Mr Bingo's brilliant new book of Hate Mail
  40. Efk-list Art Eva-Fiore Kovacovsky brings life to frozen veg in her charming freezer photos