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September 2012

  1. List Bookshelf Bookshelf: "I found it very hard." Brecht Vandenbroucke selects his five favourite books
  2. Things-list Things Things is here and with T-shirts, catalogues, magazines and a whole load more she's looking as dazzling as ever!
  3. Weekender-list Miscellaneous The Weekender – The Jetsons, movie sing-a-longs and the weirdest stag party EVER
  4. Main1 Fashion W-O-W! Andy Rementer + The RCA + Esprit = a very, very cool look-book!
  5. List Here A look at the live elements which made our Here event extra special
  6. Sgs Publication "I'm excited to wear layers again!" — The return of Shit Girls book form!
  7. Main3 Music Must watch now! Emily Kai Bock's new, dreamlike video for Grizzly Bear's Yet Again
  8. Owendavey-list Illustration Owen Davey's illustrated characters appeal to kids and adults alike
  9. Cm Fashion Gary Card creates sweet installation for new Converse/Missoni collaboration
  10. Serialcut-list Graphic Design Serial Cut's Extra Bold is crammed full of super-polished, electrifying visual delights
  11. Subform-list Graphic Design One seriously slick graduate catalogue from Dutch designer Dennis de Vries
  12. Main Introducing... Introducing...The day-to-day routine of illustrator and storyteller Aidan Koch
  13. Andrelist Photography Andre Ermolaev captures Iceland's natural beauty in tremendous style
  14. Johndiebel-list Art John Diebel's stunning geometric collages ooze Bauhaus perfection
  15. List Exhibition LDF 2012: Out of Print explores information overload with lovely results
  16. Posterslist Graphic Design A fascinating selection of exhibition posters released by Whitechapel Gallery
  17. Mmmain Photography Massimo Listri finds tranquility in documenting empty museums and palaces
  18. List Graphic Design Damien Poulain talks us through his powerful, ubiquitous Vaccines artwork
  19. List Exhibition There Must Be More To Life provocatively explores fading glamour in powerful, poignant photographs (maybe NSFW)
  20. Simonbent-list Graphic Design Simon Bent is painting Melbourne multi-coloured with his vibrant design
  21. Ageofadolesence-list Photography Come breathe in the nostalgia of Joseph Sterling's portraits of adolescence
  22. Main Photography Pauline Magnenat captures the chilling locations where people went missing
  23. Listps Here We review Here, the fabulous creative symposium held last week in London
  24. List Illustration JooHee Yoon uses traditional printmaking techniques to create beautiful illustrations
  25. Kw Art Get lost in the tropical jungle of colour and energy that are Kim Westfall's paintings
  26. List Graphic Design Manual create beautiful identity for Colorado microbrewery Loveland
  27. Sovietposters-list Graphic Design The Soviet Union goes neon in these mid-century illustrations of the future
  28. List-jang Photography Michael Jang captures the wannabe 1980s weather presenters in glorious style
  29. Nikonlist Advertising Laura Bellingham creates impressive Tears spot for camera giant Nikon
  30. Main Architecture Let illustrator Tom Ngo design your dream house! Although things may not be quite as they seem...
  31. Nblist Photography Neil Bedford turns Phil Daniels into the archetypal footy manager for GSJ
  32. List-jh Graphic Design Making book covers look fancy – Julian Montague's designs are stunning
  33. Mslist Web First look at the new MySpace, and it won't be what you expect
  34. Tk-list Publication Tatsuro Kiuchi's illustrated world is as delicately beautiful as they come
  35. Inblist Web Super-charming animated GIF Tumblr teaches us not to sweat the small stuff
  36. List-dan Graphic Design Daniel Peter designs posters with beautiful flair and sophistication
  37. Main Film Fashion aficionados Coggles have created four beautiful videos, shadowing some very stylish people
  38. Es-list Photography Ewen Spencer's Open Mic series beautifully captures the UK hip-hop scene
  39. Rookie Publication Behold, the Rookie Yearbook! We interview some of the brains behind this sqeal-worthy publication
  40. List Art Nathalie Guinamard questions the way we live in her bold, colourful work