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September 2012

  1. Nolayoutlist Publication If independent publications are your thing then No Layout will rock your socks off
  2. Main1 Art Like your art aesthetically pleasing and neatly organised? Here's Katharina Trudzinski
  3. List Art Inge Jacobsen gives Beyonce a woollen make-over with her beautiful embroidery
  4. List Miscellaneous Samsung on the hunt for 200 David Baileys to put new camera through its paces
  5. Hvs Sculpture Wardrobes like you've never seen them before from sculptor Hannes Van Severen
  6. Lf-list Exhibition Lucas Foglia's breathtaking images glimpse into America's 'off-grid' communities
  7. List Graphic Design LDF 2012: Top graphic talent create new work for Uniform Wares
  8. Fllist Film Stunning short film for Port magazine focuses on London boxing gym
  9. Eftlist Graphic Design We interview Hvass & Hannibal about creating the visual identity for the brilliant Efterklang
  10. Sufjan Music Barefoot pirouettes to Sufjan Stevens make for a wonderful two minutes
  11. List Illustration Super charmed by the delightful work of illustrator Alba Vilardebò
  12. Kev Bookshelf Bookshelf: Kev F Sutherland, comic illustrator for The Beano, Marvel Comics and more shows us his five fave books!
  13. Img_2655 Things Look it's this week's Things – zines, papers, prints, posters and one really cool magazine
  14. Weekenderlist Miscellaneous The Weekender – naughty QR codes, the ostrich pillow and Jay-Z explained
  15. Bflist Photography Akram Zaatari's narrative drenched kissing series explored in new show
  16. List Exhibition LDF 2012: Revelling in the tangled web architect Akihisa Hirata weaves
  17. List Product Design LDF 2012: Ten designers create a bench to mark a decade of the festival
  18. Pnylist Animation A lovely animated version of Vahram Muratyan's New York/Paris head-to-head
  19. List-fb Product Design Fulvio Bonavia makes cauliflower bobble hats and watermelon helmets. Cool!
  20. List Uncategorized Celebrating the perfect imperfection of circles by Thomas Brown and Lightning + Kinglyface
  21. Main Illustration Close your eyes and wish you had the imagination and talent of Brecht Vandenbroucke
  22. List Product Design LDF 2012: Wonder cabinets exploring the pan-European design generation
  23. List-jd Photography John Delaney photographs soup kitchen volunteers with stunning poignancy
  24. List Graphic Design Great new work from fashion to council campaigns on Teo Connor's new website
  25. Veralist Art LDF 2012: Beautiful show charts the evolution of tributes to a fictitious figure
  26. Main Art We love Superflex's hand-painted, and powerful "To Let" signs for the Biennial
  27. List Miscellaneous The countdown begins! A quick look at Here's live elements
  28. List-dezeen Art LDF 2012: Dezeen's Seven Dials project takes elevated art to a whole new level
  29. Main Interactive Rollerskates, hula hoops and junk food make for a very Bompas & Parr drive thru
  30. Es4 Graphic Design Soak up Elana Schlenker's simplistic and fantastic graphic design
  31. List Publication 100 artists remake the iconic London Underground Roundel for excellent new book
  32. List Publication The art of crude, illustrated insults captured in beautifully puerile new book
  33. Dadbplist Advertising A comprehensive run-down of the names honoured at D&AD 50th birthday bash
  34. List-koen Illustration Illustration, typography and drawing: Koen Taselaar is a creative mastermind
  35. Damain Art Doug Aitken's presents The Source at Tate Liverpool for the 2012 Biennial
  36. Cplist2 Graphic Design Beautiful, diverse poster archive from east London's Chats Palace Printshop
  37. Mdlist Animation Animade's trailer for the super new Marion Deuchars book is ridiculously charming
  38. Oplist Product Design Fall asleep anywhere thanks to Kawamura-Ganjavian's amazing Ostrich Pillow
  39. List Web Animated GIFS hacking device Tumbly provides hours of super silly fun
  40. Trlist Advertising Our final Here profile looks at the work of Tom Roope and The Rumpus Room