September 2012

  1. Main Illustration Hilarious, obscene and magnificent – If you read one thing this year, make it Megaskull by Kyle Platts
  2. List Fashion Daniella Benedetti shoots Pigalles' latest collection in a beautifully creative way
  3. Main1 Photography Kohei Yoshiyuki's photos of couples canoodling in parks on show in Liverpool
  4. List-sj Film Beautiful visuals in St John Ambulance's harrowing new advert courtesy of BBH
  5. List Product Design LDF 2012: Tom Dixon unveils new stone light and playful accessories collection
  6. Vsalist Film Surreal silliness in set of very successful adverts for cress, mustard and leeks
  7. Main Photography David Leventi documents the world's most astounding prison architecture
  8. List-image Illustration Yosuke Yamaguchi stands out from the crowd with delicate, dreamy illustrations
  9. List-christy Photography Plunging into the Hawaiian waters – Christy Rogers photographs it perfectly
  10. List Exhibition LDF 2012: Keiichi Matsuda's Prism is a brilliant, dynamic data version of London
  11. Main Fashion LDF 2012: Eley Kishimoto retrospective reflects their genius
  12. Main Illustration Pastel-coloured science and sea-creatures make the work of Anna-Kaisa Jormanainen special
  13. List Exhibition LDF 2012: Nendo's chairs ghost through the V&A
  14. Beach-list Photography Benoit Paillé captures holiday-makers in Mexico in all their beach finery
  15. List Graphic Design Studio Dumbar's posters make classical music very, very cool
  16. Main Illustration Poison, slatterns, and musical instruments make up the fun portfolio of Joe Baglow
  17. List Graphic Design LDF 2012: New prints from Noma Bar and others from Outline Editions
  18. List Advertising Adam & Eve's new John Lewis spot launched to huge reception
  19. List Photography Celebrating the humble workplace plant in Luke Stephenson's new series for clothing store Other
  20. David_byrne Music Soak up this stupendous video for David Byrne and St.Vincent collaboration Who
  21. List Graphic Design Weng Nam Yap presents the mundane in the most beautiful booklet
  22. Jrlist Here Our penultimate Here profile looks at the wonderful work of Job and Roel Wouters
  23. Smmain Bookshelf Bookshelf: Prolific photographer Spencer Murphy shares with us his impeccably neat bookshelf
  24. List Things Things takes centre stage once again with zines, magazines graphics and finger printing
  25. Weekednerlist Weekender The Weekender – rich cats, creepy muppets and some iPhone suckers
  26. Llist Art Elena Johnston's colourful collages are simple and tremendous
  27. List Photography Naked people running in the Sahara, Jim Mangan photographs it beautifully
  28. List2 Graphic Design New Zealand's Pete McDonald dazzles us with his range
  29. List Art Super charming ceramics from Camberwell graduate Charlotte Mei
  30. List Graphic Design David Rudnick is the go-to guy for proper good-time graphic design
  31. List Publication An extract from a brilliant new book exploring punk graphics and their enduring legacy
  32. Ak-list Photography Alexander Kent makes the strange-sounding unbelievably cool-looking
  33. List Exhibition Graphic design studio Build look back on 11 years of quality at LDF show
  34. List-sm Illustration Let Sarah Mazzetti blow you away with her beautiful illustrative posters
  35. List Film explore the future of British architecture in interesting new video
  36. List Photography Blommers & Schumm's superb new work messes with your mind
  37. List Graphic Design We're blown away by unerring brilliance of Vancouver studio Post Projects
  38. Main2 Miscellaneous Baddies, books and bicycles — the crafty skills of Marta Długołęcka
  39. List Illustration Boshing out editorial illustration like nobody's business, meet Maggie Li
  40. List Film Will Robson-Scott's new film profiles quirky NYC photographer Ricky Powell