September 2012

  1. List Graphic Design Exploring the lesser-known graphic side of the iconic Eames furniture studio at fascinating new show
  2. Pvlist Film Stunning timelapse of Patrick Vale drawing the New York skyline
  3. List-sm Illustration Gorillas in green suits – how can you not love illustrator Séverin Millet?
  4. List-water-towers Photography Jamie Young's stunning photographs document the water towers of Ireland
  5. List Film Master of hand-drawn type Jon Contino profiled in Kevin Steen's lovely film
  6. List Music Beard wearers unite! Amazing new music video celebrates hairy-faces
  7. Lewis_10-52-52 Introducing... Introducing...Fast food fanatic and illustrator Lewis Wade Stringer
  8. List Graphic Design Hey Studio strike gold again with super-impressive film festival identity
  9. List Photography Photographer Emily Maye specialises in cycling and it's not hard to see why
  10. Main1 Film 14 animation studios take on Monty Python star's autobiography
  11. Elena-list Illustration Elena Xausa's jolly illustrations will sort you right out this morning
  12. Rwmain Photography Crowded locker areas and empty disco dancefloors — schooldays through the lens of Raimond Wouda
  13. List Product Design The award-winning Plumen lightbulb gets a baby version in redesign
  14. Main Film Our next Here profile — the fascinating film-maker Carol Morley
  15. List Film The art of cigar making documented wonderfully by Made by Hand
  16. List Publication A new Sensible Software book promises to immerse you in 16-bit nostalgia
  17. Ross-list Graphic Design Ross Proulx spoils us with his beautiful gig poster designs
  18. List Photography Photographer Tim Navis captures the Namaskard region in all its glory
  19. List Product Design Psalt Design create a stunning goldfish tank with a difference
  20. Ellist Exhibition King of nonsense verse Edward Lear's other life as a zoological illustrator explored in new show
  21. Pentlist Web Pentagram's Emily Oberman redesigns the This American Life website
  22. Ramon-list Introducing... Introducing...The photographic delights of Ramon Haindl
  23. List Product Design The family poncho and GPS shoes that get you home – the mind of Dominic Wilcox
  24. Ed Photography Freunde Von Freunden conduct the perfect interview with Ed Templeton
  25. Main1 Fashion Pretty ladies + illustration = IMG's Show Package for Spring/Summer 2013
  26. Adamhayes-plates-of-food-1-list Illustration Illustrator Mr A Hayes has a portfolio that belies that serious title
  27. Sh-list Photography Sam Hofman's exquisite photographs enhance the natural beauty of objects
  28. Paraxtremelist Film Think you could handle a skate park in a wheelchair? This guy can...
  29. Gbbgdlist Publication A new book Graphic Design Before Graphic Designers champions the unsung heroes of this craft
  30. Stuff_rotates Music M&E direct a film of stuff rotating to excellent effect for our MMMV
  31. Main Illustration Queen of the doodles Hattie Stewart launches her brand new website!
  32. Ian2 Bookshelf Bookshelf: Ian Stevenson's guide to life via the bizarre contents of his bookshelf
  33. Things-list Things Things is here again – fashion, children's pockets, handmade records and sport courts
  34. Weekender-list Weekender The Weekender – crash test dummies, otters and Vladimir Putin – a play
  35. List Advertising Watch a cup stacking champion in this INSANE Future Laboratory trend video
  36. Shapeads-4_web Here Our new Here profile explores the prolific output of Graphic Thought Facility
  37. List-movement-cafe Architecture Like your coffee with storytelling and great architecture? The Movement Cafe's for you
  38. Walker Film Our top picks from the Walker Art Center's inaugural Internet Cat Video Festival
  39. Jockmooney-list Illustration Jock Mooney's puerile sculptures put it all in perspective
  40. List Miscellaneous East London library archive plundered for supercool collage project