April 2013

  1. Listimagethomasslater Introducing... Introducing…Illustrator Thomas Slater will turn that frown upside down
  2. Main2 Graphic Design Brilliant visual identity for B-B-B-BOOKS by Swedish design studio 1:2:3
  3. Swine-list Product Design Cactus Lamps and fruity lights recycled from bottles by Studio Swine
  4. Listsamuel Photography Photographer Samuel J Davison lets you into his wonderful, summery world
  5. List Publication Stunning new book opens up the sketchbooks of a host of top animators
  6. Main Art Step into the monochromatic world of new favourite, Brian Scott Campbell
  7. Opinion-list Opinion Opinion: Why it's right for us to mourn the loss of More! magazine
  8. Main Illustration Illustrator Malin Rosenqvist leads us into spring with these floral updates
  9. List1 Miscellaneous Design a new label for Bunnahabhain whisky in the name of a great cause
  10. List Music Very cool interactive video for performance poet Musa Okwonga's ode to London
  11. Witz-list Art Dan Witz is back showing off some stunning light paintings at the Gestalten space in Berlin
  12. Lisssstmate Product Design Studio Lievito design some very handsome kitchen accessories, Italian style
  13. Hojmark-list Graphic Design Sick rims and some tasty branding from Ineo Designlab and Højmark Cycles
  14. Nr-list Art Colourful and monochrome new work from our favourite Nathaniel Russell
  15. Slide_292825_2354668_freelist Advertising Adverts which are not what they seem by DDB Paris for literacy campaign
  16. List Music It's Springtime! Here's The It's Nice That Monthly Mixtape #3: Spring
  17. Here_adambuxton_article2 Here 2013 Here 2013 Speaker Profile: the hilarious world of Adam Buxton
  18. List Miscellaneous Brilliant blog collects haikus from New York Times articles
  19. Main Exhibition It's Nice That's fave bits of Pick Me Up 2013 — and boy, there's a few!
  20. List Graphic Design New site for New York studio Common Name demonstrates uncommon talents
  21. Main Miscellaneous Michelle Obama's gardening gloves, and other cherished everyday tools
  22. Main Graphic Design Fun, informative illustration and design from the late, great Olle Eksell
  23. Brulat-list Photography Ruben Brulat's Paths series pits nature against the bare human form with striking effect
  24. Main2 Music Warning: trippy, flashing images in this amazing video from Melt Yourself Down
  25. Evian-list Film Evian are back with their dancing babies, and they're more realistic than before
  26. World_around_1900list Miscellaneous No need to bury time capsules for future generations thanks to Anywhen
  27. List Illustration You can see why Quebec-based illustrator Sébastien Thibault is so in demand
  28. Vliisstt Publication Stephen Collins will blow you out of the water – with his beard
  29. Atrak Music Ryan Staake and Kinetic King give us an elaborate domino chain in new video
  30. Main Photography Smoke, boys, sweat, animals, music — Hedi Slimane's photo diary is prolific.
  31. Tg_nk_bodies_deluxe__06_0liiisstinit Graphic Design Nadav Kander's Bodies. 6 Women. 1 Man stuns you in print form
  32. Andy-list Publication Andy Massaccesi perfectly captures disco nightclub culture in new book
  33. Main Bookshelf Bookshelf: The top five books of one of our favourite photographers, Osma Harvilahti
  34. Img_6478lissstbruv Things Things 2013 #15 - the sun has appeared thanks to this week's things!
  35. _list Weekender The Weekender's come over all funky with Daft Punk, cosmetics and trust falls
  36. Here_erikkessels_article Here 2013 Here 2013 Speaker Profile: the many design facets of Erik Kessels
  37. Int_site_post-01 Graphic Design A zine-making workshop with It's Nice That and friends at the Tate!
  38. Sa-list Studio Audience Podcast Studio Audience Series Three, Episode Eleven with Milan, Pick Me Up and massive books
  39. List Illustration Pow! Enjoy some mad old illustration from Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez
  40. 2type-list Publication Alex Fuller glorifies the humble two-letter word in a new book