August 2013

  1. Print1 Product Design Product Design: Mugi Yamamoto rids us of our printing nightmares
  2. Aweekonmonday_list A Week On Monday A Week On Monday: Mike Radcliffe of Represent on Timberlake and kiwi fruits
  3. List Animation Film: If Desmondo Ray's video dating doesn't melt you, nothing will, you monster
  4. Weekender Weekender The Weekender: Get your ya-ya's out! It's the Weekender!
  5. List Events Event: Super-cool YRStore pop-up whets the appetite for the upcoming O2 Campus Party
  6. List Studio Audience Podcast Studio Audience: The pod is BACK with 23 mins of art and design megachat
  7. List Art Art: Luca Mainini makes surrealist collages that look like pop culture on acid
  8. List Photography Photography: Benedict Morgan's crisp staged photographs will blow your mind
  9. List Publication Publication: Tim Leong's infographic study of the comic book world
  10. Main Art Illustration: Naughty illustrator Ian Stevenson turns to graffiti to get his messages across
  11. Cn-list Animation Animation: Great work from six studios in Cartoon Network's summer ident
  12. Ruta-list Introducing... Introducing: beautiful watercolours and lithography from illustrator Ruta Daubure
  13. Main Miscellaneous Photography: How sci-fi films portray the cosmos, by Charles Morgan Smith
  14. List Art Illustration: Owen Gildersleeve rocks our world with host of new updates
  15. Top-2 Publication Publication: Fashion insider magazine INDUSTRIE has its covers nailed
  16. Main Graphic Design Graphic Design: Design duo Kasper Florio are back with more monochrome majesty
  17. List Miscellaneous Miscellaneous: Brilliant food stylist Iain Graham is big-name clients' go-to guy
  18. List-2 Photography Photography: Ariko Inaoka captures the ethereal magnetism of identical twins
  19. Main1 Graphic Design Graphic Design: Astrid Seme's portfolio is a real Thursday morning treat
  20. Yl_2012_small_042 Art Art: Sara Nunes Fernandes leads us on a tale of mystery into the mythical
  21. Tg1 Film Animation: Terry Gilliam teaching us all animation tricks? Yes please
  22. Main Furniture Design Furniture Design: Cool wooden sleeping pods from Aussie designers SIBLING
  23. List Web Web: Lovely blog On A Wednesday gives us a glmpse into New Yorkers' lives
  24. List Opinion Opinion: Why you should all make the effort to go to the Edinburgh Festival
  25. List Publication Graphic Design: Great work from Praline on the UK Now publication
  26. Main Photography Photography: Epic and very clever photography from Michał Grochowiak
  27. List Product Design Product Design: Creatives re-imagine everyday products for Reform exhibition
  28. List-2 Art Art: Bryan Olson has made some new collages and they're still strange and great
  29. D2 Film Film: Extraordinary short film brings mass consumption home super powerfully
  30. List Illustration Illustration: Kyle Pellet is bringing the fun direct from his Pellet Factory
  31. List- Film Film: A weird dystopian collage showcase of Prada's fall collection
  32. Main1 Bookshelf Bookshelf: Illustrator Ben Newman shares his top five tomes
  33. List Graphic Design Graphic Design: Beautifully simple work from Sydney's Zé Studio
  34. Bag Product Design Product Design: Alexander Penkin bags a beauty with his redesigned totes
  35. Gj Art Art: Giuseppe Colarusso dares us with frustrating games and impossible products
  36. List Art Art: Wall of light follows the tide as thought-provoking tribute to Duchamp
  37. List Publication Publication: Lovely blog Intelligent Clashing is now available in print form
  38. Pr1 Illustration Illustrator: Philippa Rice weakens our knees with her Soppy publication
  39. Main Photography Photography: Hilarious and sometimes hard-hitting work here from Jen Osborne
  40. Main Music Film: Could these be the coolest kids in the world? Check out Unlocking the truth