August 2013

  1. Swim Publication Publication: Leanne Shapton dazzles with her beautifully produced swimming book
  2. Main Events Events: Fancy a two day course on Java Script or Data Visualisation? Steer's got it covered
  3. List Photography Photography: Mengxi Zhang's 350km/h is a portrait of a new high-speed China
  4. List A Week On Monday A Week On Monday: Design Week editor Angus Montgomery on otters and raves
  5. List Art Art: Berndnaut Smilde's indoor clouds meet fashion icons for Harper's Bazaar
  6. Main Illustration Illustration: Wistful, French funny-time from illustrator Sarah-Louise Barbett
  7. List Publication Graphic Design: Studio Baer's stunning book celebrating Dior and the Impressionists
  8. Main Photography Photography: Isabella Rozendaal's ongoing project on worldwide methods of hunting
  9. Nabil Music Music Video: Nabil is a director at the peak of his powers – here's Jay-Z's latest
  10. List-2 Illustration Illustration: Swedish illustrator Klara Persson has charm in no small dose
  11. Main Weekender The Weekender: Clap your hands and spin around it's the weekly nonsense update!
  12. List Fashion Events: There's a new Paul Smith store on Beak Street and it looks bloody lovely
  13. List Film Film: Going football crazy with the Green Soccer Journal boys in Between the Lines
  14. List Graphic Design Graphic Design: Russian cassette tapes of yesteryear were super cool
  15. List Graphic Design Graphic Design: Studio Spass take over the streets of Rotterdam for arts festival identity
  16. List Publication Publication: Clever new children's book reveals its secrets under torchlight
  17. G Fashion Product Design: Illustrator Kaye Blegvad creates stunning jewellery too
  18. List Film Film: 12 O'Clock Boys gives a glimpse into Baltimore's notorious urban dirt-bike gang
  19. Main Art Illustration: Yay! Pat Bradbury's back! Let's see what he's got in store for us...
  20. Main Fashion Photography: Jamie Hawkesworth photographs Opening Ceremony's new Elvis collection
  21. Cblist Miscellaneous Miscellaneous: Lauren LoPrete combines Peanuts and The Smiths. It's ace
  22. H2 Photography Photography: Alma Haser amazes us with her folded stories
  23. List Publication Publication: TREMORS magazine gets our knees shaking in anticipation
  24. List Film Film: Will Robson-Scott's new work digs into the violence gripping Chicago
  25. Main4 Miscellaneous Miscellaneous: Blog collates amazing photos of the old flames of celebrities
  26. List Publication Film: We chat with David and Marina of The Gourmand for Between the Lines
  27. Main Music Music Video: Laurie Lynch manifests a teen love story for New Young Pony Club
  28. List Exhibition Art: New Peter Doig show No Foreign Lands shows off the work he has made since moving to the Caribbean
  29. Main2 Graphic Design Graphic Design: Peter Mendelsund's brilliant covers for Julio Cortázar novel
  30. Andrew-rae-list Illustration Illustration: Andrew Rae will probably turn you into a fruitarian
  31. List Photography Photography: Nir Arieli's photographs defy traditional gender norms
  32. List Graphic Design Graphic Design: More tremendous work from Fons Hickmann for theatre event
  33. List Photography Photography: David Maisel's Terminal Mirage series redefines amazing
  34. Marina-opinion-list Opinion Opinion: Is Marina Abramović in danger of being seen as a sell-out?
  35. Anete-list Animation Animation: Anete Melece's The Kiosk playfully comments on daily routine
  36. List Film Film: Meet commissioning editor of Laura Bradley
  37. List Product Design Product Design: Chris Godfrey designs a 12 course meal you might wait ten years to eat
  38. List Graphic Design Illustration: Gavin Potenza is infiltrating your brain (and that's a good thing)
  39. Main Illustration Illustration: Street gangs, cool guys, greedy pigs and jazz – step into the world of Gaurab Thakali
  40. Main1 Graphic Design Graphic Design: Mother Design branded food-fest Pig Mountain like a punk festival