December 2013

  1. Main Illustration Illustration: Here's a super nice collection of 1960s Christmas travel posters
  2. Main1 Bookshelf Bookshelf: Here we are book lovers! It's our favourite Bookshelves of 2013
  3. List Photography Photography: Philip Haynes captures weighlifters at their most intense moment
  4. Main3 Illustration Illustration: Sunshine and warmth from the ever talented Ellakookoo
  5. List Art Art: More stunning screen prints from Max and Adèle at Atelier Bingo
  6. List Exhibition Graphic Design: Amazing Norwegian archive on show after 50 years in an attic!
  7. List Miscellaneous Miscellaneous: Dark Igloo create brilliant parody of the toy ads of yesteryear, complete with creepy wizard
  8. Bob-list- Uncategorized — Miscellaneous: Meet Bob Brian, the evil alter-ego of paper-cutter Rob Ryan
  9. Main Graphic Design Graphic Design: More great record sleeves from Jack Featherstone
  10. Gc-list Photography Photography: Strikingly brilliant images from Rennes' Gauthier Chambry
  11. List Miscellaneous Miscellaneous: The British Library pop one million pictures on Flickr. As you do.
  12. List Advertising Advertising: Guests' complaints inspire 2014 calendar for US hotel chain
  13. Main Film Advertising: Channel 4's clever behind-the-scenes film of The Shining
  14. List Photography Photography: Mike Mellia captures modern artists in the style of old masters
  15. List Publication Publication: See what we got up to at the Printed Pages Winter launch
  16. List Animation Animation: Top talent provide Christmas GIFs for return of Ryan Todd's project
  17. List Film Film: A lovely glimpse into illustrator Sarah Maycock's world
  18. Nirvana_unplugged Music Music Video: Nirvana's classic MTV Uplugged set turns 20
  19. List-2 Graphic Design Graphic Design: Marc&Anna create a malleable identity for a malleable venue
  20. List Photography Photography: Ben Thomas creates Inception-like skylines
  21. Mainwe Weekender The Weekender: Tidbits, treasure, clutter and bits - It's our weekend supplement The Weekender
  22. Main1 Friday Mixtape Mixtape: Illustrator Edward Monaghan takes over this week's psychedelic mixtape
  23. Main Publication Publication: Braulio Amado's wondrous Graphic Interviews for Graphic Artists
  24. List Studio Audience Podcast Studio Audience: Magazines mourn Mandela and top album artwork
  25. Main Music Music Video: HOORAY! Beyonce releases 17 new music videos!
  26. Main1 Illustration Illustration: A host of illustrators wish Lynx Africa a happy 18th birthday!
  27. Main Photography Publication: Lorenzo Vitturi captures the vibrancy of Dalston's Ridley Road Market
  28. Main Graphic Design Graphic Design: Behold the king of book design, it's Matt Dorfman
  29. Main Illustration Illustration: Roman Muradov is a giant of illustration with a great book on the way
  30. List Photography Photography: We chat to Jake Green about his series in new Printed Pages
  31. List Uncategorized — Introducing: Netta Peltola on her magical London studio and design disasters
  32. Main Photography Photography: Moody photoshoot stars robot C.A.R.L in place of any models
  33. List Illustration Illustration: Witchy! Faye Moorhouse's ethereal figures glow in the dark
  34. List Film Film: Mad patterns, bare legs, and a cat in this crazy clothes fight
  35. Main Film Film: Finally! Michel Gondry on the making of Is the Man Who is Tall Happy?
  36. Main Interactive Interactive: ustwo unveil gorgeous looking new Escher-inspired game
  37. List Miscellaneous Miscellaneous: The ODDEST selection of Cliff Richard pics in one place
  38. Main1 Illustration Illustration: Cheeky mountains, happy suns, it's good old Antonio Ladrillo
  39. List Photography Photography: Bela Borsodi adds a mythological twist to fashion editorial (NSFW)
  40. List-2 Photography Photography: Eerie photographs of the cemeteries towering over Hong Kong