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February 2013

  1. Main Film One man recreates the poster that inspired John Lennon's Sgt. Pepper classic
  2. List Miscellaneous Unleash a new side of Instagram in new Mercedes challenge Untamed
  3. Dylan-spencer-davidson-gang-boxers-list Art The Gang Boxers – Dylan Spencer-Davidson’s very special project
  4. Main Photography Justin Barton's photographs of some of the country's most opulent interiors
  5. Ze-jian-shen-list Illustration Inky, bloody, sexy and violent melodramas from comics star Zejian Shen
  6. Main Photography Uncertain landscapes dreamy scenery from photographer Stefano Colombini
  7. List Graphic Design and Thomas Wilder pay tribute to animals spotted in NYC
  8. List Graphic Design Simple, striking graphic design from newly-formed Melbourne studio Hunt & Co
  9. List Art The best/weirdest Tumblr you'll see today – Jim will paint anything you want
  10. Main Illustration Typically amazing updates from one of our favourite illustrators, Brecht Vandenbroucke
  11. Police-log-list Illustration Owen Cook’s wonderful comics made from the Carmel Pine Cone police log
  12. List_12.44.11 Student of the Month Toot toot! Time to meet February's fantastic Students of the Month...
  13. Kodachrome-list2 Photography Adjusted Kodachrome transparencies bring colour and contrast to the 1940s
  14. Main Graphic Design A big helping of tropical punch from Confetti design studio
  15. List Music Feast your eyes on the gorgeous New American Noise films (some NSFW...)
  16. Main3 Miscellaneous Nintendo Cereal System? Morning Funnies? Here's cereal you can't get anymore...
  17. List Art New porcelain sculpture from the brilliant Parra is a charming little treat
  18. Blind-maps-list Product Design Interactive braille smart phone maps for the visually impaired
  19. List Photography Here's mysterious, Swedish magic carpet makers Oyyo and their beautiful rugs. Thanks Wednesday!
  20. Opinionlist Opinion Opinion: What to make of the best magazine covers of the century shortlist?
  21. List Art Jaw-dropping new installation by Humans Since 1982 features 288 clocks
  22. List Photography Jamie Hawkesworth's stunning studio visit shots of Ai Weiwei for AnOther are superb
  23. Main Advertising Andy Rementer and Honet make fun, animated shorts for LacosteLIVE
  24. List Art New show from Peter Halley explores big ideas through uber colourful works
  25. Mixtape Music Please give a warm welcome to the It's Nice That Monthly Mixtape #1: Beginnings
  26. Main Photography Time Magazine lets us peek into a 1950s smoky jazz club with Miles Davis
  27. Thomas-matthews-list Illustration Thomas Matthews’ hand-drawn graphite posters for Ingmar Bergman films
  28. Main3 Illustration Bold funnies and elderly Slayer fans from Denmark's very own HuskMitNavn
  29. List2 Photography Photographer William Miller captures the unexpected abstract beauty on a New York canal's surface
  30. Prieto-list2 Art Francisca Prieto’s Between Folds series creates origami windows into the past
  31. Main Photography Very, very cool editorial and music photography from Mads Teglers
  32. List Animation Relive award-winning animator Grant Orchard's brilliant talk from Here 2012
  33. List Illustration Gorgeous, charming illustrations from The Paper Cinema bring The Odyssey to life
  34. Jochen-list-new Illustration Fascinating comics and illustration reappropriation from Jochen Gerner
  35. List Graphic Design Slick, alluring design from Brooklyn-based designer Elina Asanti
  36. List Art Peteris Lidaka's Imaginary Planes take model making to infinity and beyond
  37. List Product Design Swiss designers BKS create fun 3D looking rugs thanks to asymmetrical fringing
  38. Main2 Publication A truly fantastic new book revealing an insight into the life of Bill Callahan
  39. Bavarsky-list Illustration My new favourite illustrator, your new favourite illustrator, Niv Bavarsky!
  40. Jackwhite Music Triple Decker Records? What will Jack White think of next?