February 2013

  1. Things-22-02-list Things Things 2013 #8: professional wrestling, Swedish design, youthful shots, 180 shots and the future of illustration.
  2. Main Bookshelf Bookshelf: A very special hand drawn bookshelf from the very special Simon Hanselmann
  3. Weekender-list Weekender You're bored, you're tired, there's nothing left to do. Time to smash out The Weekender
  4. Sa-list Studio Audience Podcast Studio Audience Series Three, Episode Three – with Brits, Twitter hacking and Light Show
  5. Jamie-jones-list Introducing... Introducing...The bold, richly coloured illustrations of the mysterious Jamie Jones
  6. Olle-list Illustration Some excellent risograph prints from Stokholm’s PEOW! studio
  7. List Miscellaneous Come take a look back at this week's quest for the Ideal Studio with Represent Recruitment
  8. Main Photography Just a parrot, watching a boat, in the bath. Meet Jo Ann Callis.
  9. Braulio-list Introducing... Introducing...Painterly illustration and slick design from Braulio Amado
  10. Grosse-list Exhibition Stunning new show from Katharina Grosse fills Dutch gallery with mind-blowing colour
  11. Borsche-list Graphic Design Classical music gets a stunning revamp from Bureau Mirko Borsche
  12. Main1 Music Steve Powers whips up a cool mural for Kurt Vile's new album
  13. Seetal-list Fashion Textile printing like you've never seen before from Seetal Solanki
  14. List Publication Great new book looks at prominent design figures' current and student selves
  15. Main Photography Jonas Unger takes photos that make you feel genuinely happy
  16. Bastien-list Illustration Jeremy Bastien's intricate inky comics learned a lot from the Victorians
  17. Main Photography Mega-dazzling, futuristic meta-cities by Yang Yongliang
  18. Bedow-list Graphic Design Super-crisp skincare branding from Swedish studio Bedow
  19. List Illustration Danny Sangra's awesome illustrated interviews for new Tokyo show are a thrill
  20. Main Art Bright, trippy collages here from the fantastic Bryan Olson
  21. Albertson-list Photography Stunning textural photos of everyday objects from US photographer Nick Albertson
  22. Velckro-list Graphic Design Bold, surreal commercial illustration from Madrid creative Velckro
  23. Keith-list Music Brilliant fun with stock footage from the twisted mind of Keith Schofield
  24. Pbf-comics-list Illustration The Perry Bible Fellowship – exceptionally good comics from Nicolas Grunwich
  25. List Architecture Dutch designers build a hospital playground round a recycled ambulance
  26. List Graphic Design Present Perfect's new look for Varón magazine is photographed brilliantly
  27. Main2 Photography Dizzying, unbelievable images of high-rise mega cities from Michael Wolf
  28. List Art Kai and Sunny's excellent first ever mural takes over London reception
  29. Seripop-list Art Seripop's paint and paper installations are an immersive homage to pop posters
  30. List Animation Superb visual promos for Eike König and Alexander Lis' second After School Club
  31. Ryan-list Publication A personal, handwritten and hand-cut tour through Rob Ryan’s recent work
  32. Main1 Photography Strangely haunting portraits of aeroplane passengers by John Schabel
  33. List Graphic Design More impressive Swiss design from enormously talented Daniel Peter
  34. 140-list Miscellaneous Platform games return to form thanks to Jeppe Carlsen and 140
  35. Opinion-list Opinion Opinion: A new role for design schools in the digital age?
  36. List Photography Photographer Frieke Janssens turns actors into busts for Belgian theatre company
  37. List Miscellaneous This is INSANE! A pen that draws 3D sculptures from WobbleWorks
  38. List Art Stunning new Roy Lichtenstein retrospective is a journey through his preoccupations
  39. Rousteau-list Photography Oily flesh aplenty in Paul Rousteau's shots of public sunbathers
  40. Underground-list Exhibition London Transport Museum shows 150 beautiful and innovative Tube posters