February 2013

  1. List Publication Indian folk artist Teju Behun's visual autobiography is a real treat
  2. Kenward-list Photography Steve Kenward show us old men with beards making beautiful things by hand
  3. List Events Use your lunch hour wisely and watch filmmaker Carol Morley's Here 2012 talk
  4. Musturi-list Illustration Tommi Musturi's keeping comics alive for the people of Finland
  5. Main Photography Cat Stevens (not that one) takes ace portraits of cool musicians
  6. List Miscellaneous The excellent Google Poetics blog turns our online searches into small poems
  7. Main Product Design Heavenly objects crafted by the inimitable Alessandro Mendini and his Artisans
  8. List Publication New magazine Works That Work aims to demonstrate that creativity is all around us
  9. Grace Music Grace Jones' I'm Not Perfect (But I'm Perfect for You) is a fine Keith Haring tribute
  10. Juno-list Photography Juno Calypso's pastel vignettes are bizarre and beautiful in equal measure
  11. Things-15-02-list2 Things Things 2013 #7: comics, illustrations, briefs, shirts and a little bit of navel gazing
  12. Weekender-list Weekender Happy Friday you cheeky bunch, come get your dose of The Weekender
  13. List Miscellaneous A look back on the second week of our hunt for what makes the Ideal Studio
  14. Pulp-list3 Illustration Sexy, punning, gloriously pulpy revamps of literary classics
  15. Nomono-list Illustration Cracking editorial illustration from Berlin's Cristóbal Schmal
  16. Main2 Photography The launch of the fantastic online photography journal, Accent Magazine
  17. Zig-list Graphic Design Beautifully approachable design from Latvian creative Zigmunds Lapsa
  18. List Studio Audience Podcast Studio Audience Series Three, Episode Two – with Jean Jullien, communists and underground art
  19. List Fashion Eley Kishimoto creates a set of prints inspired by London's unloved Centre Point
  20. List Art Clutch of great creatives imagine what commercial drones might look like in interesting new project
  21. Main Miscellaneous Enormous collection of Nepalese beware of the dog signs? Why not.
  22. Guo-list-rosemary Illustration Jingyao Guo’s black and white washes of famous girls from films
  23. List Exhibition The Hayward Gallery's new Light Show is out of this world
  24. Lidbetter-list-2 Photography Turned Over: David Lidbetter’s photographs of the underside of things
  25. List Film See what It's Nice That picked as part of the O2 Future Predictions project
  26. List Publication Interesting new book looks at the whys and wherefores of public typographic installations
  27. Sslist Art Check out some amazing masks created for Arjowiggins' Second Skin competition
  28. Main Art Get lost in the blood-red mountains of Sea Hyun Lee's paintings
  29. Fg-list Graphic Design Franco Grignani still has a posthumous influence on contemporary design
  30. Main Publication Exclusive: AnOther Magazine's Michelle Williams covers — so beautiful!
  31. List_image Here We’re psyched to announce Here 2013 - earlybird tickets available now!
  32. Hanawalt-list Illustration Delightful, dirty, anthropomorphic fun from the very skilled hand of Lisa Hanawalt
  33. Mellish-list Photography South African photographer Johno Mellish creates incredible images
  34. List Graphic Design Olly Moss re-imagines the Oscar statuette as all the Best Picture winners since 1927
  35. List Illustration An interview with the brilliant cartoonist and graphic memoirist Alison Bechdel
  36. Main Animation Disney goes back to it's older (better) ways in the stunning Paperman
  37. Ze-list Graphic Design Zé Studio create a sweet identity for Maya Sunny Honey
  38. Main3 Miscellaneous Incredible, abandoned suitcases from the patients of the Willard Asylum
  39. List Photography Those are birds nests?! Dillon Marsh explores our relationship with the natural world
  40. Marra-list Illustration Infectious fun, sex and violence in Benjamin Marra’s pulpy comic treats