February 2013

  1. Lotus-list Graphic Design Medical products branded with real class courtesy of Mytton Williams
  2. Watercycle-list Animation The water cycle explained through some ingenious animated paper sculpture
  3. Snail-list Illustration Under David Janes’ mocked-up houses lies a host of pen and ink delights
  4. List Graphic Design Patrick Fry produces a striking identity for The Globe theatre's digital event
  5. Main2 Illustration Spectacular new poster series from the French wonder, Camille Lavaud
  6. Main Film Follow Nick Cave to the red light district in Jubilee Street (NSFW)
  7. Opinion-list Opinion Opinion: Can we really all learn web design lessons from The Daily Mail?
  8. Bl-list Product Design Introducing...Ultra-skilled London ceramicist Billy Lloyd
  9. List Illustration Come and surrender yourself to the insane detail of Inus Pretorius' illustrations
  10. Stoemp-list Music Beautifully printed letterpress dice from Belgian designers Stoëmp
  11. Main Fashion Hello ladies! The wonderful women of Advanced Style model for Karen Walker
  12. 4panel-list Illustration Carousel magazine's brilliant 4PANEL celebrates the four panel comic strip
  13. List Art Let John Tierney's paintings whisk you away to an idealised, sun-drenched USA
  14. Theride-list Publication Cycle fanatics take note, Issue 7 of The Ride Journal is an absolute beauty
  15. Cosmic-list Art Typestracts: concrete poetry by the Benedictine monk Dom Sylvester Houédard
  16. List Film Check out Sir Paul Smith's wit and wisdom from his closing talk at Here 2012
  17. Wno-list Graphic Design Hat Trick produce a superb new identity for the Welsh National Opera
  18. List Photography Bela Borsodi's bizarre shoot for Document is another real humdinger (some NSFW)
  19. List Publication Gerhard Richter's gorgeous November series of happy accidents collected in new book
  20. Andrec Uncategorized — My Recurring Dream by André Chocron is an adventurous romp of a music video
  21. List-things Things Things 2013 #6: Oceanic gems, excellent illustration, nice cards, politics and fabric... Hello Things.
  22. Bertie Bookshelf Bookshelf: The bookshelf of the seriously sharp Bertie Brandes
  23. List Studio Audience Podcast Studio Audience – Series Three, Episode One with books, Becks and Etch-a-Sketch
  24. Main Weekender I'm Terry, I'm 43, and I'm addicted to The Weekender
  25. List Photography Philip Karlberg's charmingly expressive still-life faces are a fun Friday treat
  26. List Animation Yes! Great new stuff from the Layzell Bros; here's Chicks with Cheeks
  27. List Miscellaneous A round-up of the first week of our Ideal Studio project with Represent Recruitment
  28. List Art Tracey Emin's neon takes over Times Square every night in February
  29. Main Illustration The perils of modern life as seen by Jean Jullien at Kemistry Gallery
  30. List Set Design Set designer Carrie Louise has an enviable talent and a client list to match
  31. Markbramley-list Photography Check out Mark Bramley's utterly breathtaking landscape photographs – They're huge!
  32. Marionbalac-list Art Stunningly detailed pencil drawings from the prolific Marion Balac
  33. Main Art Amazing masks and trippy animations from Shishi Yamazaki
  34. List Publication Oliver Jeffers' limited-edition monograph is an object of beauty
  35. List-wallinger Art London Underground turns 150 with Mark Wallinger’s labyrinthine roundels
  36. Sotm-list Student of the Month Student of the Month is back in town and bigger than ever before!
  37. Main Illustration Cheery, squishy fun here from illustrator Tim Colmant
  38. Yan-nascimbene2 Illustration Beautiful watercolour illustrations from the late Yan Nascimbene
  39. List Publication On-demand zine printing for all thanks to the brilliant Anonymous Press
  40. List Film Great rip-off of every fashion film cliché from Matthew Frost and Lizzy Caplan