January 2013

  1. List Photography French photographer Clément Pascal shows how studio visits could and should be shot
  2. Main Illustration 50+ new images! Time for a mega Nous Vous update
  3. Delaney-list Photography Delaney Allen's a master of bewildering close-ups and bewitching landscapes
  4. List Illustration Check out Polish creative Formallina's knitted heroes calendar!
  5. Main Photography Get ready to be jealous of Jennilee Marigomen's impressive Instagram feed
  6. List-golden-comics Publication KAPOW! — A new book from Taschen chronicles the Golden Age when men in tights ruled the page
  7. List Photography Annie Collinge shoots Julie Verhoeven with weird and wonderful results
  8. Jmm-list Animation This is Jose Miguel Mendez's first EVER animation, and it's awesome!
  9. Big-idea-list Music Joe Dixon’s video for Black Books’ new track shows a sweet, unusual date night
  10. Main5 Animation Hilarious animation and illustration from the one and only Jack Cunningham
  11. Main Photography Welcome to the dreamy wonderland world of photographer Arjan Benning
  12. Jstead-list Illustration Art directors take note, Jacob Stead's a future master of editorial illustration
  13. Tetris-list Art Michael Johansson’s grand-scale Tetris features computers, keyboards and cars
  14. Colophon-list Exhibition Colophon show off their latest work at new exhibition in Amsterdam
  15. Main Photography Art history just got cooler — Alisdair McLellan shoots Edie Campbell for 032c magazine
  16. List Animation Sergio Calderón and Céli Lee's under-water inspired film is exquisite
  17. Gray-list Photography Wander through Christopher Gray's wild places. It's Nothing Specific, just beautiful
  18. Main Exhibition Woo indeed! Juergen Teller's first solo UK show in ten years is a blinder
  19. List Art Jeongmoon Choi makes elaborate laser shows from UV lights and thread
  20. Opinionlist Opinion Opinion: Amid comment-board critics, are retro rebrands taking the easy way out?
  21. List Music George Belfield's gorgeous video for Richard Hawley is a real winner
  22. Main3 Film Interactive, illustrated Moonrise Kingdom Script anyone? Thought so
  23. Tom-rainford-list Animation Introducing...The rhythmic animations and illustrations of Tom Rainford
  24. Ttg-list Publication Tres Tipos Gráficos produce some of the most stunning fine art catalogues around
  25. List Art Matthew Stone's artworks capture the raw sensuality of the human form
  26. Main Illustration Angela Dalinger paints heavy metal gigs, werewolves and spilt beer – what more do you need?
  27. List Events Read all about the ace line-up at the first POINT conference and win tickets!
  28. List Film Nelly Ben Hayoun's International Space Orchestra film looks well worth the wait!
  29. Main Furniture Design If only life really was like Ana Kraš' extraordinary visual creations
  30. List-powers-bowman-3 Illustration Come strain your eyes with J Powers Bowman’s intricate imaginary worlds
  31. List Photography Photographer Brad Harris captures the World Speed Trials with thrilling flair
  32. List Introducing... Introducing... Canadian master of editorial illustration Sam Island
  33. Main Product Design Kids drawings turned into actual toys. Oh my gosh! Meet Crayon Creatures
  34. List-office Sculpture Check out this brilliant replica office of an ad agency so successful it never existed
  35. Brandon-list Photography Beef jerky and ear plugs unite to striking effect in Dave Geeting's photographs
  36. List-7-eleven Graphic Design Futuristic in a retro way: BVD's super nice rebranding of the old, faithful 7-Eleven
  37. List Publication Åbäke design Yuri Suzuki's first ever book, a fascinating take on his sound work
  38. Main Photography Why use studio lights when you've got the sun? Thank you Jamie Stoker!
  39. Kadebostany-list Music Brass bands, ballet and a nude horn section from Supermafia VJ's new video
  40. Andyralph_list Art Andy Ralph is the master of strange and surreal hardware store sculptures