January 2013

  1. List2 Graphic Design Multi-talented Estonian creative Eiko Ojala is a particular paper collage whizz
  2. Henrikfranklin_list Illustration Meet Henrik Franklin, illustrator, designer and creator of bizarre worlds
  3. List Music Spruce up your January work out with with Dutch Uncles' new video for Flexxin'
  4. List Graphic Design Take that Monday morning! Yarra Jones and Sarah Thorne create some gorgeous fashion-inspired stationery
  5. Losiento-list Graphic Design Lo Siento and Blanca transform our opinion of udders for good
  6. Things-list-18-01 Things Things 2013 #3: Things gets drunk on cider, washed up, washed out and then draws its dreams
  7. Main Bookshelf Bookshelf: Short but definitely sweet! Sergio Membrillas' ace bookshelf
  8. _list Weekender Yeah The Weekender! We've got hobbits, the law and a musical bird. Boom!
  9. List Art Amy Woodside creates beautiful prints in the tradition of the Pop Art greats
  10. List Art Bokja's crafty Arab Spring inspired textiles are oddly compelling
  11. Chicagofreeze-list Photography Gary Jensen captures a frozen Chicago building with exceptional flair
  12. List Illustration Stephen Graham steps up in style with some great illustrations on the future of Dublin
  13. List Miscellaneous Philosophy and slapstick come together in the preposterous Tumblr Alain de Bottom
  14. List Photography David Emery's portraits of brothels are powerfully poignant in their haunting stillness
  15. List Publication Introducing...Gabriela Maskrey who makes in-flight magazines sexy with impeccable design
  16. Mark-newgarden's-sketchbook-list Publication A thrilling peek into the sketchbooks of over 80 great cartoonists
  17. Main Introducing... Introducing...Luc Fuller. Mustard? Check. Smoke machine? Check
  18. List-momo Photography Finding Momo! Sweet snowy series in search of a chameleon Collie
  19. List Sculpture Let Jonathan Latiano's incredible installations help your grapple with the big questions
  20. List Graphic Design Check out Studio Output's considered posters for the BBC Concert Orchestra
  21. Earnestly-list Graphic Design Earnest Studio redefine the remit of a multidisciplinary design practice
  22. Aspen-list Exhibition Exhibition of super rare Aspen magazine: the 3D multimedia bonanza in a box
  23. Heydays-list Graphic Design How about some seriously crisp branding work from Norwegian studio Heydays
  24. List Music Fantastic set of films celebrate the music scenes in six American cities
  25. Main Art The waters of Venice rarely looked better than this thanks to Jessica Backhaus' photographic reflections
  26. List Photography David Vintiner captures the drama of the World Memory Championships
  27. Rozich-6 Illustration Stacey Rozich is back with reams of beautiful watercolour updates
  28. List Exhibition Interesting group photography show questions nature of time and change
  29. Main Product Design So clever – check out Re-Do Studio's beautiful, recycled kitchen appliances!
  30. Deutschland-list Graphic Design Studio Newwork expertly brand the bizarre-sounding Deutschlandfest
  31. Alonso-list Furniture Design Tomás Alonso shows us how to do beautiful furniture properly
  32. List-neapolis Graphic Design Very nice new book from the excellent Ill Studio oozes quiet confidence
  33. Love-and-rockets-list Illustration The inimitable Love and Rockets turns 30! Let’s celebrate with a look at their fantastic front covers
  34. List Exhibition Brian Aris' photographs of Debbie Harry revel in the Blondie star's brilliance
  35. Binet-list Architecture Hélène Binet is a master at capturing the world's most beautiful buildings
  36. Kqlist Publication New dads' mag Kindling Quarterly is a fine addition to the indie mag scene
  37. Main Film Jonason Pauley and Jesse Perrotta remake the entire of Toy Story with the actual toys!
  38. Inbflat-list Web Darren Solomon's In B Flat 2.0 let's you make music from Youtube clips
  39. List Advertising Red Stripe remix a visit to the corner shop by rigging it out as a musical surprise
  40. Main Illustration Like pizza? Like dogs? Check out Reddit sensation Valeriya Volkova