January 2013

  1. Opinion-list Opinion Opinion: A whirlwind look at some of the Designs of the Year runners and riders
  2. List Film Nice! Slow motion skaters pelted with water bombs to ambient electronica
  3. Burtynsky-list Photography Have a look at the photos that started Edward Burtynsky's incredible career
  4. Hlt-list Illustration If repetition tickles your fancy then meet Jonathan Calugi, peddler of the finest patterns around
  5. Zimoun_list Exhibition Once again we're falling head-over-heels for Zimoun's magnificent sound sculptures
  6. Main Graphic Design Art director Eric Wrenn is helping make the magazine world a (visually) better place
  7. List Exhibition Nadav Kander's nudes are a powerful protest against the airbrush generation
  8. Pereira-luckman-lax-list Architecture Los Angeles’ A+D Museum plans to show visionary designs for a city that never was
  9. Main Product Design Desk stationery like you've never seen it before from Daniel Emma Studio
  10. List Graphic Design A treasure trove of graphic riches on offer thanks to Berlin studio Stahl R
  11. Sovchoz-list Illustration Let Sam Vanallemeersch blow your mind again with his enormous body of exquisite illustration
  12. John_m Music Ex-Beta Band John Maclean demonstrates his filmmaking prowess for Django Django
  13. List Exhibition Check out this year's ace shortlist for the Terry O' Neill photography prize
  14. Main Bookshelf Bookshelf: Will Sanders' bookshelf is as weird and as wonderful as his photography!
  15. Web-things-list Things Things 2013 #2: This week's Things features calendars, coal holes and photography from Down Under
  16. Weekenderlist Weekender The Weekender smashes into Friday with high wires, Korea and Barbara Streisand
  17. Wilfridwood-list Sculpture Not seen Wilfrid Wood lately? He's been busy sculpting Tom Daley
  18. List Art Painter Martin McGinn's still-lifes of art history books are a meta treat
  19. Main2 Fashion Shadows and reflections inspire Craig Green's bonkers new collection!
  20. List Architecture Architects Hondelatte-Laporte create an amazing giraffe-based children's centre
  21. Rockingknit-list Product Design The incredible Rocking Knit turns lazy motion into a wooly hat. Cool!
  22. Rb-list Illustration Check out illustrator Rose Blake’s updated website - by jove she's done it again!
  23. Main2 Photography GIRLS creator Lena Dunham photographed by the infamous Terry Richardson
  24. List Set Design Art director Lenancker Romain continues to impress with his new updates
  25. Salt-list Graphic Design Salt's ever-changing identity takes an angular new shape for 2013
  26. Megg-list-5 Illustration Wonderful re-imagining of Meg & Mog takes stoner art to new highs
  27. List Miscellaneous New York studio Dark Igloo reimagine their online contact page as an 80s style game
  28. L_l-list Product Design Loris and Livia take juicing to another level with their beautiful Lemon Toys
  29. List Sculpture Hundreds of bicycles make-up Ai Weiwei's latest sculpture for Italian gallery
  30. List Advertising A cool, arty and interesting ironing advert? Who'd have thought it!
  31. Inca-list Illustration Let Inca Pan's exquisite illustrations transport you into a strange land
  32. List Graphic Design Anagrama's identity for Mexican sweet and tea shop Bonnard is all sorts of excellent
  33. Main1 Photography More cycling from top photographer Emily Maye in this thrilling series of the Belgian Cyclocross maelstrom
  34. Main Illustration Yes please! Inky tribal fun served up from illustrator Saiman Chow
  35. Base-list Graphic Design Base design help Madrid City Council embrace great design
  36. List Exhibition Rick Guest captures Royal Ballet dancers in all their strange glory
  37. List Miscellaneous Marvel at Kickstarter's cultural contribution in their review of 2012
  38. Philippejarrigeon-list Photography Philippe Jarrigeon decorates marble saints with the latest fashions
  39. List-okolo Publication Brighten up your morning with OKOLO's latest Liguria edition
  40. List Product Design Amsterdam's awesome Natwerk is an ideas factory from the very top drawer