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July 2013

  1. List Illustration Illustration: Annu Kilpelainen is digging out the tropical in our drab urban landscape
  2. Main Photography Photography: Jamie Hawkesworth's Preston Bus Station Tribute
  3. List Advertising Graphic Design: Aesop's posters for London's Italy Live event are bellissimo
  4. Opinion-list Opinion Opinion: It's time for social media users to start minding their language
  5. List Nicer Tuesdays Nicer Tuesdays: A look back at an evening of Erotica at our latest event
  6. Main1 Advertising Advertising: This girl's got attitude AND her period so shut the hell up
  7. Tdf-list Photography Photography: Emily Maye shoots her first Tour De France with typical flair
  8. Main Film Photography: A romantic peek inside Laura Marling's Secret Cinema event
  9. 2xe-list Exhibition Graphic Design: Two Times Elliott celebrate five years with Twenty Two posters
  10. List Publication Illustration: Isabel Greenberg weaves her magic in fantastical follow-up
  11. Main Publication Publication: RCA students put their great minds together to create a historical book
  12. Main Bookshelf Bookshelf: Fascinating collection of books from excellent illustrator Jiro Bevis
  13. List Publication Graphic Design: Ico Design's stunning book for new Mayfair development
  14. List Photography Photography: Being told to "imagine you're a tree" never looked like so much fun
  15. Main1 Film Film: Just try and watch Pacific Light without being completely hypnotised
  16. Blank-box%e2%80%93list Graphic Design Always and Talenthouse set you an unusual packaging challenge
  17. List Publication Publication: Digital artist Rafaël Rozendaal celebrated in new book
  18. Main2 Graphic Design Graphic Design: Alex Sullivan's prints are on the really good side of trendy
  19. Lexpott-list Product Design Furniture Design: Lex Pott turns oxidised metals into beautiful objects of use
  20. Redgrove-list Photography Photography: Try to hold back the envy while enjoying Benedict Redgrove's luxury yachts
  21. List Art Art: Tomáš Libertíny's crafting of The Paper Vase makes for a very hypnotic watch
  22. Main Miscellaneous Miscellaneous: Cats dressed up as sushi to brighten your Monday
  23. List Art Art: Kelly Kristin Jones' collages remap representation in women's magazines
  24. List Fashion Photography: Fanny Latour-Lambert is doing her own thing and doing it brilliantly
  25. List Web Digital: Will Hudson reports back from Steer's week-long coding course
  26. List A Week On Monday A Week On Monday: Photographer Nick Ballon on tennis and Glen Branca
  27. List Art Art: Mysterious work from the equally mysterious A Graphic Artist
  28. Main3 Illustration Illustration: Donguri Kyouwakoku takes us back to the future with his clean, retro style
  29. Main2 Photography Photography: Peruse Tyler the Creator and Co's photo blog GOLF WANG
  30. List Advertising Advertising: Mother London create carrier bags to shame you out of using one
  31. Washedout Music Kate Moross brings us some animal magic for Washed Out's Don't Give Up
  32. Main Weekender The Weekender: As far as weekly run-downs go, this one takes the biscuit
  33. Main Film Film: Inspiring trailer for New York street photography doc Everybody Street
  34. List Miscellaneous Competition: Talenthouse and O2 hunt for new art for iconic music venue
  35. Main Art Art: Nobody likes a show off, but Kang, Kang-hoon's paintings are unnervingly accurate
  36. List Publication Publication: Charming new Viction:ary title reflects on the creative power of play
  37. Gee-list Exhibition Illustration: Skateboard nunchaku and mustachioed fins from Stevie Gee
  38. Smalltime-list Graphic Design Graphic Design: Smalltime Projects are keeping things local with fantastic results
  39. Tunica-list Publication Publication: Folch Studio step up to design the second issue of Tunica magazine
  40. List Nicer Tuesdays Nicer Tuesdays: Our next monthly talks night is bringing sexy back (UPDATE!!)