July 2013

  1. List Art Art: Tristram Lansdowne's paintings will have you suspending all disbelief
  2. List Fashion Fashion: Architecture-inspired knitwear from Chinti and Parker plus Patternity
  3. Html Art Illustration: The beautiful, honest world of Grant Gronewold aka HTML Flowers
  4. Pixel-list Film Film: A heartbreaking love affair between a 97-year-old and MS Paint
  5. Main Photography Photography: 40 years of the London Underground captured by Bob Mazzer
  6. List Graphic Design Graphic Design: Studio Contents' impressive rebrand for arts group IOU
  7. Jt-list Illustration Illustration: Jillian Tamaki's arresting work goes large across The New York Times
  8. List Illustration Illustration: Violeta Lopiz charms our socks off with her gorgeous work
  9. Main Music Music Video: Hilarious parody of Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines (NSFW)
  10. Pl-list Art Art: Tommy Perman documents seedy sauna storefonts in Paradise Lost
  11. Opinion-list Opinion Opinion: Why TV show The Apprentice must stop belittling design
  12. List2 Exhibition Exhibition: Design Museum nails their look at design and technology's future
  13. List Art Art: Henrique Oliveira's installation is taking over the Palais de Tokyo
  14. Main1 Illustration Illustration: Jiro Bevis alters his style but remains one of the original and best
  15. List Photography Photography: The Table of Power sees Jacqueline Hassink document boardrooms
  16. Daniel-list Graphic Design Graphic Design: Just the right amount of trendy from designer Daniel Weberruß
  17. List Illustration Illustration: Monica Ramos makes the heatwave a little bit more bearable with her celebratory images
  18. List Illustration Illustration: Noma Bar's designs for innovative language guide Chineasy
  19. List Miscellaneous Exhibition: Smithsonian's archive shows handwriting of famous artists
  20. Main Bookshelf Bookshelf: The guys over at Cool Hunting take us on a tour of their bookshelf
  21. Main Uncategorized — Video: Brilliant film reveals "the downsides to living at home when you're 21"
  22. Yonder-list Publication Publication: Emiliano Granado and Daniel Pasley pay homage to the great outdoors
  23. Main5 Photography Photography: Maciek Pozoga smashes other editorial photographers out the park
  24. Main2 Graphic Design Graphic Design: Using the Content Aware tool to really mess up famous typography
  25. Leger-list Illustration Illustration: Patrick Leger gets better and better with every new piece of work
  26. Musson-list Photography Photography: Andrew Musson makes blank white paper look seriously good
  27. Muellner-list Graphic Design Graphic Design: Lukas Muellner arrives in London with some excellent design
  28. Main The Graduates 2013 The Graduates 2013: GRADUATES! Enter now to win a desk space in East London
  29. Bajero-list Fashion Graphic Design: Barriobajero design and art direct with the web in mind
  30. List Photography Photography: Benoit Paillé's Moving Day will make you grieve lost furniture
  31. Piskor-list Illustration Illustration: Ed Piskor's Hip Hop Family Tree looks set to be a stonker
  32. Main Illustration Illustration: We love you Patrick Kyle, so very, very much
  33. Main Photography Photography: Miyoko Ihara's Grandma and her trusty stray cat are a match made in heaven
  34. Main Film Music Video: The Lonely Island say more than expected with Spring Break Anthem
  35. Main Photography Photography: Intense and powerful art photography from Olga Cafiero
  36. Matmaitland-list Illustration Fashion: Mat Maitland smears mustard on Cartier and Steak Sauce all over Bally
  37. Yanyan-list Art Art: Beautiful mark-making from the inter-continental Yanyan Huang
  38. Main Weekender The Weekender: Look closely children, what has the internet spewed up for us?
  39. List Graduates The Graduates 2013: Bianca Tuckwell takes us on a journey through natural forms
  40. Main Film Film: A 3D sculpture built by 80,000 bees? Bee-have yourself!