July 2013

  1. Type-list Graphic Design Graphic Design: Pay what you like for a huge archive of Lost Type
  2. List Art Art: Jaak Kaevats mixes art and technology with his fascinating Street-Scapes
  3. Cruz-list Illustration Illustration: Joe Cruz updates with some vibrantly reworked found photos
  4. Main Photography Photography: Craig McDean captures the near-uncapturable Thom Yorke
  5. Main Photography Photography: Superbly talented Go Itami beckons us into his own deliciously beautiful Japan
  6. Schuurman-list Graphic Design Graphic Design: Eye-popping posters from the phenomenal Michiel Schuurman
  7. List Photography Photography: Nicolas Feldmeyer's quiet images echo with a monumental grandeur
  8. List The Graduates 2013 The Graduates 2013: Chelsea's Charlie Patterson combines craft with great ideas
  9. Sangra-list Film Film: Everything's f****** censored in Danny Sangra's film for The Great Divide
  10. Main Illustration Illustration: Pablo Iranzo puts the vomit back into pop music in his Epic Puke series
  11. List Animation Animation: Young talent Joe Sparkes' wonderfully poignant boxing tale
  12. List-2 Graphic Design Graphic Design: Update from designer Vincent Vrints' colourful portfolio
  13. List Graphic Design Graphic Design: Film collective I Owe Youth's engaging printed storyboards
  14. List Art Art: Alyssa Dennis's ethereal architectural drawings are full of tiny surprises
  15. Akum-list Art Art: Embrace the heatwave and come lose yourself in Fredrik Åkum's hazy summer portfolio
  16. Opinion-list Opinion Opinion: Why paid internships are the best way forward for all concerned
  17. Twopoints-list Publication Graphic Design: Two Points produce a light-reactive cover for Novum magazine
  18. List2 Publication Publication: Inventory Studio nail design for fruity new Bompas & Parr book
  19. List Illustration Illustration: Konstantin Kakanias captures Paris Couture with wit and flair
  20. Whitton-list The Graduates 2013 The Graduates 2013: Luisa Whitton gets deep inside the Japanese robotics industry
  21. List Miscellaneous Exhibition: The creative process which drove elBulli to gastronomic superstardom
  22. List Exhibition Art: Adrian Johnson's new prints celebrate classic cameras
  23. List Web Photography: A blog of old-school actors on bikes? Yes please
  24. List Illustration Illustration: Lisbon-based illustrator Lapo's series In Paris is almost too lovely
  25. Mendell-list Graphic Design Graphic Design: Legendary poster design from the late Pierre Mendell – lose yourself in his archive
  26. Top The Graduates 2013 The Graduates 2013: Come with us into Matthew Hill's madcap mind
  27. List Photography Photography: Till Janz is forging a remarkable career in portrait photography
  28. Bookshelf-list Bookshelf Bookshelf: Luke Evans reveals a penchant for chocolate and high fashion
  29. Top Film Film: Shit Girls Say creator Graydon Sheppard back with new dog-based series
  30. List Publication Graphic Design: New Unit Editions book celebrates type as graphic solution
  31. List Architecture Architecture: Designs for the Great Tower For London in 19th Century catalogue
  32. List Publication Publication: Vulpine and The Newspaper Club release a multi-purpose cycling paper
  33. List Illustration Illustration: Anna Dunn's super colourful, communicative portfolio does not disappoint
  34. Mugluck-list Illustration Illustration: Fast-paced watercolour cities form French illustrator Mugluck
  35. List Fashion Exhibition: V&A documents London's underground culture in the 1980s
  36. List Animation Animation: Weird and wonderful short Wish List is well worth a watch
  37. List Graphic Design Graphic Design: Telegramme Studio dazzle and delight with ace protfolio
  38. List Exhibition Graphic Design: Munich show celebrates this milennium's indie magazine stars
  39. Monaghan-list The Graduates 2013 The Graduates 2013: Vibrant illustration and crisp comics from Edward Monaghan
  40. List Graphic Design Graphic Design: The School of Life launch sweet new stationery range