June 2013

  1. Mann-list Illustration Illustration: East London nightlife as seen by the brilliant Dilraj Mann
  2. Main Photography Photography: Julien Capelle looks for the graphic aesthetics of everyday life
  3. Europa-list Graphic Design Graphic Design: Catch up with Europa, London's community-led design practice
  4. List Photography Photography: Jeff McLane's Solaroids are a hazy photographic dream
  5. List_08.27.28 Music Music Video: Some excellent (if NSFW) sword action for Wavves' new single
  6. List Publication Publication: Focussing on a single street, Flaneur is a real winner
  7. Weekenderlist Weekender Weekender: Things, Staff Picks and some weird and wonderful stuff to boot!
  8. List Studio Audience Podcast Studio Audience – Series Three Episode 20 with Printed Pages, Vice and Port
  9. Maoin Publication Illustration: Spectacular new book by French illustrator Marion Fayolle
  10. List Photography Photography: Sasha Kurmaz's photographs are soaked in youthful irreverence
  11. Kr-list Introducing... Introducing: Photographers Kila and Rusharc create giant surrealist sets
  12. List Advertising Advertising: Graffiti ambigrams create powerful suicide awareness campaign
  13. List Photography Photography: Dolly Faibyshev reimagines the American dream in Palm Springs
  14. List-option Illustration Illustration: Peter Rhodes' illustrations form a lovely social narrative
  15. Hunter-list Publication Illustration: Rob Hunter's second book, Map Of Days, is a stunning work of graphic fiction
  16. List Graphic Design Graphic Design: Unusual book jackets by the very talented Linda Huang
  17. List Film Photography: We catch up with Ryan Hopkinson about his latest work
  18. List Music Video Music Video: The fantastic animated video for the new single by Arctic Monkeys!
  19. List Art Art: Do a good deed for Clare Twomey's new exhibition Exchange
  20. Sapper-list Product Design Product Design: Julia launch comprehensive Richard Sapper archive
  21. Main4 Photography Photography: Thomas Prior witnesses a firework fight in this stunning series
  22. Main The Graduates 2013 Graduates: A catch up with Joshua, Grace and Andrew of our 2012 class
  23. Sotm-list Uncategorized — Student Of The Month: It's time to submit to June
  24. Opinion-list Opinion Opinion: Venice proves we need to level the playing field for artists
  25. List Animation Animation: Eoin Duffy captures the weird airport other world perfectly
  26. List Art Art: Evade urban drudgery with Christopher Eyles' tropical paradise scenes
  27. Ab-list Publication Publication: Aint-Bad's fifth edition is a study of pure aesthetics
  28. List Fashion Fashion: See Christoper Kane's graphic 3D body mapping prints for spring
  29. Main Art Art: Astonishing landscapes created in 200-gallon tanks of water by artist Kim Keever
  30. Main Bookshelf Bookshelf: Artist and illustrator Nathaniel Russell shows us his fascinating bookshelf
  31. Mirzaei-list Photography Photography: Moody scenes and geometric abstraction from Mohammedreza Mirzaei
  32. List Miscellaneous Web: Ladies and gentleman pray silence for the Troy McLure supercut!
  33. List Product Design Product Design: CONTAINER makes us rethink what we expect from "magazines"
  34. Main Photography Photography: Luke Casey photographs the world through ships' portholes
  35. Main Illustration Illustration: Astrid Yskout draws tigers, flowers and koalas which is ace
  36. List Graphic Design Graphic Design: Here's one for your stamp collection from the Dutch Postal Service
  37. List Art Art: Collagist Bernardita Arís' cutting-and-sticking is a wonder to behold
  38. List Publication Printed Pages: The brand new issue of our magazine is out and about right NOW!
  39. List Publication Publication: Super-fun book makes Conditional Design movement manifest
  40. Main Graphic Design Graphic Design: Is there anything VLF design can do that doesn't look amazing?