March 2013

  1. Main Miscellaneous Lernert & Sander mix together every perfume released in 2012 to make Everything
  2. Marykatherine-list3 Photography Grainy castles, topiary and miniature golf from Mary Katherine Spence
  3. Main Animation Stephen Vuillemin's beautiful comics transformed into breathtaking GIFs!
  4. Stina-list Introducing... Introducing...The beautiful line work of Lapland's illustrating daughter Stina Löfgren
  5. Main Miscellaneous The answer to your procrastination prayers: The Great Gatsby, NES style
  6. List Exhibition Dorothy Bohm goes beyond 1960s clichés in super new London show
  7. List Set Design Check out Jessica Dance's brilliant set of knitted animal heads
  8. Fullybooked-list Publication Relax everyone, print's alive and well, Gestalten have a new book to prove it
  9. Main3 Photography Beautiful impressions that clothes make on skin, by Scout Paré-Phillips (NSFW)
  10. Opinion-list Opinion Opinion: Are we too sensitive to artistic plagiarism online?
  11. Nw_xxxx_master_int_post_ Nicer Tuesdays Diaries out - the next Nice Wednesdays is right round the corner
  12. List Graphic Design Sagmeister & Walsh create business cards for your inner angel and devil
  13. Strother-list Art Hilarious mixed media canvases from the brilliant Devin Troy Strother
  14. List Illustration Jack Hudson proves he can master 3D too amid bumper website relaunch
  15. List Set Design French studio Bonsoir Paris play with ideas of form in stylish Substance shoot
  16. Bizzarrirodriguez-list Graphic Design Graphic design for serious artists courtesy of Parisian studio Bizzarri Rodriguez
  17. Main Photography Extraordinary photos of young hitchhikers and freight train hoppers by Mike Brodie
  18. List Graphic Design Slick mid-century inspired illustration from Spanish creative Aron Vellekoop León
  19. List Publication The W Project's new book is a fantastic contribution to an important subject
  20. Main2 Illustration Check out Andrew Neyer's fun, friendly art and illustration
  21. List Photography Renewable energy sources minus the science part in cool still-life project
  22. Sire-list Photography Going behind the scenes of some of our favourite artists' studios with photographer Brigitte Sire
  23. List Product Design Steven Harrington weighs into the world of wood with his sweet new lamp
  24. Knife-list Music The Knife return after seven years with a stunning new video
  25. Main1 Fashion Fashion and still life photography with a tasty difference from Erik Wåhlström
  26. Rafael-list Web Play God with the weather courtesy of Rafaël Rozendaal's latest work
  27. List Photography French photographer Fabrice Fouillet hits the heights with his Végétarium shoot
  28. Roumieu-list Illustration Devastatingly witty editorial illustration from the wonderful Graham Roumieu
  29. List Photography Japanese photographer Takeshi Suga turns his talents to snow-bound serenity
  30. Suuns Music Sabrina Ratté's eye-bending video for Suuns is a little package of lo-fi joy
  31. Anton-van-hertbruggen-list Introducing... Introducing...Anton Van Hertbruggen’s beautiful, spacious illustrations of star-gazing in surburbia
  32. Main Bookshelf Bookshelf: The witty and aesthetically pleasing bookshelf of designer Patrick Fry
  33. Thing-list-9-march Things Things 2013 #9: an imaginary creature, a brave cat, a graphic novel, signs and photos
  34. Main Weekender Say goodbye to blandville, it's The Weekender, yeah? Yeah!
  35. Main1 Uncategorized — More proof that the olden days were cooler than now, it's Chicago Past
  36. Sleeping-patterns-list Miscellaneous Filthy street mattresses turned into objects of desire by Glasgow artist Adam Shield
  37. List Studio Audience Podcast Studio Audience – Series Three, Episode Five with SXSW, ponies and a design library with a catch
  38. Sturmey-archer-list Advertising Glorious olds advertisements for Sturmey-Archer bicycle gear hubs
  39. List Furniture Design A table inspired by the ritual of uncorking a wine bottle by Gonçalo Campos
  40. Main3 Art Unbelievable! Karoline Hjorth & Riitta Ikonen present Eyes as Big as Plates