November 2013

  1. Main1 A Week On Monday A Week On Monday: Christopher Isenberg of Victory Journal talks Tom Wolfe and poker
  2. Angdoo-list Film Film: Jin Angdoo makes a song and dance about inanimate objects
  3. List Graphic Design Graphic Design: Mighty impressive print portfolio from Ilhas studio
  4. Main1 Exhibition Exhibition: A retrospective of legendary BBC creative Graham McCallum
  5. List Miscellaneous Miscellaneous: A blog of rare doodles and handprints found in scanned e-books
  6. Main1 Set Design Set Design: Portraits made from household objects from Blommers / Schumm
  7. List Product Design Product Design: Emilie Voirin keeps it simple with her Minimal Nativity Set
  8. Main Fashion Photography: Haw-Lin Services turn their gaze to eyewear
  9. Main9 Music Music Video: Mac Premo and Oliver Jeffers bring U2's lyrics to life
  10. Main1 Weekender The Weekender: Fingers in the sherbet it's time for the weekender!
  11. Main1 Friday Mixtape Mixtape: This Friday we are handing over our weekly Mixtape to NTS Radio!
  12. Main1 Miscellaneous Miscellaneous: Underworld and Volkswagen unveil the ultimate driving app
  13. Main1 Music Music Video: Woah! Pharrell's made a 24 hour music video
  14. List Studio Audience Podcast Studio Audience: Pod's here with music videos, selfies and Olympics graphics
  15. Main Publication Publication: Beautiful new book celebrates the amazing Comedy Carpet
  16. List Graphic Design Graphic Design: David McCandless' infographic award winners announced
  17. List Film Film: Documentary The Record Breaker will fill you up with joy
  18. List Photography Photography: Bizarre, beautiful photos from convention centres by Harry Griffin
  19. List Publication Graphic Design: Lauren Thorson's beautiful work is part art, part design
  20. List-elm Photography Photography: We've chosen the winner of the Nissan Competition!
  21. Hero-2 Graphic Design Graphic Design: Lucy Jones designs some right lovely gig posters
  22. Main1 Photography Photography: Alastair Philip Wiper returns to the Large Hadron Collider
  23. List Introducing... Introducing: The very nice David Biskup on illustration and American comedy
  24. List Publication Photography: Come and meet the restaurant singers of Russia's Sochi region
  25. Main1 Illustration Illustration: What a treat! Andy Warhol's fabulous drawings of cakes
  26. Main1 Publication Publication: 90s UK garage celebrated in Ewen Spencer's new book
  27. List Photography Photography: Julia Fullerton-Batten shoots the blind in this beautiful series
  28. Main1 Set Design Set Design: Bonsoir Paris create a pop-up store made of inflatables and marble for Bright Young Things
  29. List Graphic Design Graphic Design: Dan Cassaro turns his lovely letters into 3D pieces
  30. Main1 Set Design Set Design: Miguel Bento's fun new set design for oki-ni
  31. Main4 Opinion Opinion: Why being nice in the online world is no bad thing
  32. List Exhibition Art: Do Ho Suh recreates replicas of two previous homes in jade silk
  33. List Illustration Illustration: Cool little characters from Alessandra Genualdo
  34. Main4 Exhibition Photography: Ryan McGinley's youthful nudes in new show Body Loud (some NSFW)
  35. Main10 Music Music Video: Bob Dylan's official, interactive video for Like a Rolling Stone
  36. List It's Nice That Annual The Annual 2013: Excitement overload! Our look back on the past 12 months is finally here...
  37. Main2 Photography Photography: Carl Kleiner's rather terrifyingly infinite office-scapes
  38. Main5 Art Art: The sultry mystic gods and goddesses of Alberto del Pozo
  39. List Publication Publication: Darius Ou Dahao is still on about fish, but we don't mind
  40. List Graphic Design Graphic Design: Anagrama somehow make dry cleaning look sexy