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October 2013

  1. List Publication Publication: FINALLY! A magazine made specifically for and by cat lovers
  2. List Introducing... Introducing: Carl Partridge and his funny collaged illustrations
  3. List Graphic Design Graphic Design: Manual's stonking identity for San Francisco Design Week
  4. Main8 Graphic Design Graphic Design: Jaime Zuverza makes the coolest posters. Ever.
  5. List_12.44.11 Student of the Month Student of the Month: It's back! Check out this month's winners...
  6. List Opinion Opinion: Why we have changed our approach to internships
  7. List Architecture Architecture: Flea Folly's Brothers Grimm-inspired cityscape
  8. List Here 2013 Here 2013: A look at the process of trendy filmmakers, CANADA
  9. List Photography Photography: Jasmine Deporta's beautiful shots inside orchid greenhouses
  10. Main Fashion Fashion: Meet the super-stylist fashion seer, Alice Goddard
  11. Main Graphic Design Graphic Design: Phenomenally slick design from Amsterdam's Main Studio
  12. Mainnt Nicer Tuesdays Nicer Tuesdays: A tremendously varied look at the world of satire
  13. Main Music Music Video: Have a dance with a nun in Devendra Banhart's new video
  14. List Illustration Illustration: Karin Rönmark creates fantasy worlds fit for wallpaper
  15. List Photography Photography: Albert Elm captures Russia and China with a rose-tinted lens
  16. List Fashion Photography: Games-inspired shoot from Rachel Thomas and Jenny van Sommers
  17. List It's Nice That Annual The Annual 2013: This way for the first look inside our book of the year!
  18. List Graphic Design Graphic Design: Guillem Casasús designs a striking book about POWER!
  19. List Photography Photography: Romain Sellier's fashion shoot inspired by Hockney paintings
  20. Main Photography Photography: Let's go exploring up mountains with with amazing photographer Sara Naim
  21. List Illustration Illustration: Kirsten Rothbart's messy, tattooed, teenage girls
  22. Main Music Music Video: Flowers bursting out of wounds in Glass Animals' Psylla
  23. Main Film Bookshelf: The inspirational books of music video director Abbie Stephens
  24. List Graphic Design Graphic Design: Modern Designers' excellent work with Creative Tourist
  25. List Photography Photography: Nguan captures the dreamy stillness of Singapore's cityscapes
  26. Main1 Publication Illustration: Edouard Baribeaud's epic new Nieves zine is a triumph
  27. List Animation Animation: A technically brilliant and super weird short from Murat Sayginer
  28. List Web Web design: Blistering interactive editorial from The New York Times
  29. List Art Art: Giant tape paintings of disgraced billionaires from Kuhl and Leyton
  30. Main Film Film: David Lynch's tutorial on how to cook quinoa. Okay then.
  31. List Illustration Illustration: Michael Kuo illustrates the weird, uncomfortable and awkward
  32. List Publication Publication: Jane and Serge. A Family Album shows the couple like never before
  33. Main A Week On Monday A Week On Monday: Photographer Jasper Clarke on Brand and his metal moment
  34. James-list Photography Photography: James Day shoots handsome old fellas in their funeral gear
  35. Main Animation Animation: Hilarious animation about Elton John from Young studio
  36. Main Illustration Illustration: Nathaniel Russell's wonderful new wooden cut-outs
  37. List Graphic Design Graphic Design: Sophie Della Corte combines lovely design with storytelling
  38. List Miscellaneous Podcast: A second batch of interviews asking creatives Why New York?
  39. List Publication Publication: Seven years of brilliance celebrated in the big book of Anorak
  40. Main Music Music Video: A morning run with Dirty Projectors' new video