April 2014

  1. List Exhibition Graphic Design: Brilliant book cover designer David Pearson feted at new show
  2. Main3 Photography Photography: Stunning series of football pitches taken all around the world by Austen Ezzell
  3. List Architecture Architecture: Ana Varela designs beautiful flooring made up of tessellating patterns
  4. Agi_sam_-_site Here 2014 Here 2014: Menswear design sensations Agi & Sam join the line up for our summer symposium!
  5. List Graphic Design Graphic Design: Grilli Type produce a fantastically angular new typeface, GT Sectra
  6. Main1 Photography Photography: America's hip hop honeys and cheerleaders colourfully captured by Brian Finke
  7. List Illustration Illustration: Raymond Lemstra's characters make their way into an enormous book!
  8. Main Opinion Opinion: A few thoughts on branding from the late, great Wally Olins
  9. List Graphic Design Graphic Design: A look at which creatives did some of the Secret 7" record sleeves
  10. List Product Design Designs Of The Year 2014: The seven category winners have just been announced!
  11. List Graphic Design Graphic Design: Sumptuous blog celebrates the graphic treasures found within the IBM archives
  12. Main Publication Publication: Yusuke Miyagawa's portrait of Kingston, Jamaica
  13. Main7 Illustration Illustration: Cheeky magic from German illustrator Nadine Redlich
  14. List Photography Photography: Luke Stephenson goes on an ice cream pilgrimage to find the UK's best 99
  15. List Advertising Advertising: Romain Laurent directs a wonderfully original ad for Hermès
  16. Main2 Photography Photography: More colours than a 2008 Klaxons concert, it's Brian Vu
  17. Main Bookshelf Bookshelf: Up this week is creative director of Human After All, Paul Willoughby
  18. Nicer_tuesdays_(park)_list_image Fashion Nicer Tuesdays: This month's event looks at exciting creatives working in fashion
  19. List Graphic Design Graphic Design: G . F Smith unveil wide-ranging rebrand overseen by Made Thought
  20. Main Illustration Illustration: Spectacular updates from the creative forcefield that is Sam Vanallemeersch
  21. List Product Design Product Design: ECAL students create bizarre smart home objects in Milan
  22. List Photography Photography: Tobias Harvey's amazing pictures of Toulouse-Lautrec's ancestral home for Port
  23. List Music Music Video: Ninian Doff's fantastically surreal video features a dance-off between bankers
  24. List Art Art: Johnny Abrahams' mindbending paintings explore the innate possibilities of line
  25. Main Set Design Photography: Freunde von Freunden venture into the studio of set designer Rhea Thierstein
  26. List Miscellaneous Miscellaneous: Beyoncé photoshopped into famous paintings? Oh, go on then...
  27. List Graphic Design Graphic Design: Benoit Challand creates a typeface from office furniture
  28. List Film Film: Carlos Jimenez gets us up close and personal with the V&A's largest sculptural works
  29. Mainwe Weekender The Weekender: Summer's just around the corner, celebrate with this week's Weekender
  30. Main Friday Mixtape Mixtape: A bank holiday Friday mix from NTS radio's very own Shane Connolly!
  31. List Things Things #8: With typographic experiments and a book that's actually a lamp
  32. List Graphic Design Graphic Design: Snøhetta create lovely geometric identity for Oslo 2022 Winter Olympics
  33. Main Graphic Design Graphic Design: A bunch of great guys designing incredible stuff in Berlin, meet Eps51
  34. List Exhibition Exhibition: Tauba Auerbach touches down at the ICA with some extraordinary sculptures
  35. List Photography Photography: Alex MacLean captures the patterns of civilisation from planes
  36. List Advertising Graphic Design: Moo create stationery for host of history's most famous figures
  37. Main Film Film: Amazing film sees man walk through the streets of Tokyo backwards
  38. List Publication Publication: New magazine Girls Like Us showcases femaleness at its absolute coolest
  39. List Photography Photography: Magdalena Wosinska's stunning travel photos convey a sense of endless summer
  40. Opinion-list Opinion Opinion: Will postage stamps ever lose their relevance to the design world?