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December 2014

  1. List_graphic-design Review of the Year 2014 Top Ten: The ten most popular graphic design projects and studios of 2014
  2. List_editors-picks-interviews Review of the Year 2014 Editor's Picks: Some of the best interviews on the site in 2014
  3. List_will-h Review of the Year 2014 My 2014: It's Nice That Director Will Hudson's year so far
  4. List_editors-picks-misc Review of the Year 2014 Editor's Picks: Liv Siddall picks out gems from the "miscellaneous" category
  5. List_illustration Review of the Year 2014 Top Ten: Like illustration? Love our round up of the year's best!
  6. Main Friday Mixtape The ultimate It's Nice That 2014 studio mixtape!
  7. List_maisie-s Review of the Year 2014 My 2014: Assistant Editor Maisie Skidmore looks back on this year
  8. List_editors-picks-record-sleeves Review of the Year 2014 Editor's Picks: James Cartwright on this year's best record sleeve designs
  9. List_moving-image Review of the Year 2014 Top Ten: Watch the top ten moving image projects from the site this year
  10. List_james-c Uncategorized My 2014: Print Editor James Cartwright sums up the best bits of his year
  11. List_editors-picks-books Review of the Year 2014 Editor’s Picks: A selection of the most shelf-worthy books released this year
  12. Main Studio Audience Podcast A very merry Studio Audience Christmas special 2014!
  13. List_liv-s Review of the Year 2014 My 2014: Features Editor Liv Siddall looks back on a weird and funny year
  14. List_rob-a Review of the Year 2014 My 2014: Editor-in-Chief Rob Alderson on what this year had to offer
  15. List_photography Review of the Year 2014 Top Ten: Treat your eyes to the top ten photography posts of 2014
  16. List_emily-g Review of the Year 2014 My 2014: Online Editor Emily Gosling looks back on the year gone by
  17. List_editors-picks-magazines Review of the Year 2014 Editor’s Picks: Rob Alderson selects a few of our favourite magazines of 2014
  18. List_the-top-50 Review of the Year 2014 Here it is! The official top 50 most viewed articles of 2014
  19. List Design Indaba It's Nice That to media partner again with Design Indaba in 2015!!
  20. Main Art Extraordinary drawings of Jesus in the workplace by Larry Van Pelt
  21. List Miscellaneous Sam Lyon's amazing Jelly Gummies GIFs!
  22. List Things It's not a Christmas gift guide or a festive joke, it's December's Things!
  23. List Art Adi Goodrich’s new show is all popping colour, nipples and fun. Like Thiiiiis!
  24. List Graphic Design We're completely taken with these poster designs by Gabriel Jasmin
  25. List Graphic Design A wonderfully innovative, movement-based Dance festival identity
  26. Main Photography Toby Glanville on his career so far, and photographing Raymond Briggs
  27. List Animation Great video collage shows what 24 hours of news looks like
  28. List Graphic Design Playground's graphic design work is as colourful and fun as its name
  29. List Opinion We're looking for participants for an illustration-themed Studio Audience
  30. List Illustration We popped in to the bespoke wrapping paper store for glacéau vitaminwater
  31. Main Animation Captivating animation to promote the musical return of Laura Marling
  32. List Graphic Design Wilfred van der Weide strikes out on his own
  33. List Publication The fifth edition of Odiseo is on its way and it's ringing in some changes
  34. List Miscellaneous Santa takes on various high-fashion looks in fun Joint London cards
  35. List Nicer Tuesdays Read how our Nicer Tuesdays highlights of 2014 played out
  36. List Printed Pages How we made the cover of the new Printed Pages magazine
  37. Main Illustration Candy-coloured cartoons from illustrator Daniel Guerrero Fernández
  38. Varon-list Publication A closer look at the redesign of the ninth volume of Varón magazine
  39. List Film Lernert & Sander interview four foot models for new 3.1 Phillip Lim campaign
  40. List Nicer Tuesdays Watch Studio Hato's Ken Kirton talk at our food-themed Nicer Tuesdays