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December 2014

  1. List Photography Nick Ballon photographs a host of famous faces for leading magazines
  2. Main Publication Anyone who's into Ghost World will love Aisha Franz's Earthling
  3. List-vince-frost-design-your-life-21 Graphic Design What can designers learn from failing? And how can they "fail better"?
  4. New-list Publication Monkeys, Macaws and Martino Gamper in Jay Cover's latest book
  5. List Product Design's creatively-charged mission to revolutionise the world of wallpaper
  6. Main9 Illustration Stylish, retro editorial illustration by Koji Tomoto by AKA Cozy Tomato
  7. List Art Erica Allen reuses portraits from barbershop posters in this brilliant series
  8. List Graphic Design Superb identity for arts studio Vest by Danish agency Ineo Designlab
  9. List Photography Stephanie Gonot shoots Jesse Thorn larking about in his office for BBW
  10. Unnamed Graphic Design Slick work from Lyon-based studio Catalogue
  11. Unnamed Bookshelf Typography lovers, listen up! It's Hamish Muir's well-stocked Bookshelf
  12. Main Publication Beautiful book documents the views out of famous writers' windows
  13. List Illustration Cynthia Kittler is back with a bunch of wonderful new work
  14. List Photography Insanely good portraits from the enviably talented Grant Cornett
  15. 14 Graphic Design Check out hyper cool French Canadian design collective, Charmant & Courtois
  16. Pp_issue8_list_00 Printed Pages Sleigh bells ring, are you listening? It's the sound of Printed Pages Winter 2014!
  17. List Photography Catherine Hyland’s relentlessly impressive series of holiday landscapes
  18. List Publication A brilliant new book celebrates the very best of legendary gayzine BUTT
  19. List Illustration Stunning new work from Falmouth graduate Josh McKenna
  20. List Illustration Bright and beautiful illustration from the highly sought-after JooHee Yoon
  21. List-2 Graphic Design Naranjo—Etxeberria create an identity for new nudie platform Brava (NSFW)
  22. Main Music A man cavorting around the British countryside in a watermelon costume
  23. List Exhibition Jeremy Deller curates stunning Andy Warhol and William Morris show
  24. List Illustration Jochen Schievink makes himself at home in newspapers and magazines
  25. Main Behind The Scenes Leith Clark on women, age and publishing in The Violet Book Issue 2
  26. Heromanuals_2_09 Graphic Design Unit Editions talks us through Manuals 2's superb identity design guidelines
  27. List Illustration MVM gets his hands dirty with new show of ink drawings
  28. List Weekender It's the supplement of all things fun and weird, The Weekender!
  29. Main Uncategorized Jeremy Deller, Clip Art and the It's Nice That annual in this week's podcast
  30. List The 2014 It's Nice That Annual The 2014 It's Nice That Annual is officially here and we're proud as punch
  31. List Graphic Design "Awkward" Jarman Awards identity has no digital formats, only existing in wood
  32. List-2 Illustration Awesome retro-futuristic visuals from Nick Stewart Hoyle
  33. List Illustration Sébastien Thibault is a master at turning complex issues into terrific visuals
  34. Main Publication Miranda July auctions objects mentioned in her brand new novel
  35. List Art Edmund Clark's new book reflects on the end of US operations in Afghanistan
  36. List Photography Totally awesome 1970s and 80s SoCal photos by hardcore producer SPOT
  37. List Graphic Design The best Hayward Gallery posters of the last 50 years
  38. List Behind The Scenes Luke & Nik capture the surreal goings on backstage at the Victoria’s Secret Show
  39. List Graphic Design Bureau Mirko Borsche's amazing redesign for Munich freesheet Super Paper
  40. List Film This very charming lo-fi animation of a girl dancing was made using clay