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January 2014

  1. Wmain Weekender The Weekender: Take our hand, follow us into the perfumed garden of the weekend...
  2. Main Friday Mixtape Mixtape: 13 tracks from Mark Jasper of Hackney recording studio Sound Savers
  3. List Photography Photography: Simone Cavadini photographs empty Italian television studios
  4. List Product Design Sculpture: 3D artist Maiko Gubler produces a stunning range of coloured jewellery
  5. List Studio Audience Podcast Studio Audience: Pod's up with Martin Creed show, Magpile awards and The Hoff
  6. Main Film Film: Tyrone Lebon's film of extraordinary modern dancers for Nike Women
  7. List Art Art: A car within a car, wrapped around a car...Chris Labrooy's car gymnastics are a sight for stunned eyes
  8. List Film Miscellaneous: Behind the scenes of the 1956 Japanese Godzilla
  9. Main Opinion Opinion: Why the D&AD New Blood scheme is the perfect way to get ahead
  10. Main3 Photography Photography: Spectacular editorial photography by Pari Dukovic
  11. List Introducing... Introducing: Meet Helsinki-based graphic designer Pol Solsona!
  12. List Publication Graphic Design: James Goggin and Scott Reinhard produce a beautiful catalogue for Amalia Pica
  13. Main Art Sculpture: Rodan Kane Hart creates stunning geometric works of art
  14. List Publication Publication: Acid Magazine is a surf magazine about more than you'd expect
  15. Main Graphic Design Graphic Design: It's raining graphic design! Meet the talented Jessica Svendsen
  16. List Film Film: Gorgeous short film documents a four generation printing company
  17. Main Illustration Illustration: More updates from the ever-excellent Martin Nicolausson!
  18. Main Graphic Design Graphic Design: Impressive brand refresh from Build for Generation Press
  19. List Fashion Fashion: Elena Stonaker makes incredible quilted costumes and clothes
  20. Main Illustration Illustration: Curious stories told with drawings by Karolis Strautniekas
  21. Main1 Graphic Design Graphic Design: Fantastic three month graphic design courses at Shillington College
  22. List Nicer Tuesdays Nicer Tuesdays: A look back at our music themed evening of talks
  23. Main Photography Photography: Jen Dessinger photographs a Mexican Quinceñera
  24. Main Publication Publication: Giulia Garbin celebrates London's Fleet Street in a beautiful way
  25. Mainmc Exhibition Exhibition: Farts, cacti, sellotape and 7000 white balloons feature in the Martin Creed's What's the Point of It?
  26. List Photography Photography: Studio visits and candid portraits from Brooklyn's Laurel Golio
  27. List Film Art: Horrors frontman Faris Badwan gives us a tour of Tate's Paul Klee show
  28. Brl Bookshelf Bookshelf: Inside the bookshelf of fantastic illustrator Bjorn Rune Lie
  29. Main Miscellaneous Miscellaneous: Waste a few minutes on amazing online MacPaint app, Cloud Paint
  30. List Illustration Illustration: Illustration duo Cachetejack fill scenes of mundanity with joy
  31. List Designers in Residence 2014 Designers in Residence 2014: Prestigious competition open for entries
  32. List Publication Publication: Jeremy Perrodeau's debut comic book Isles is a real treat
  33. Main1 Exhibition Graphic Design: Incredible Cuban propaganda posters from OSPAAAL
  34. List Advertising Advertising: Beautiful website marks 30 years of the Apple Mac
  35. List Illustration Illustration: Goebelins animator Theo Guignard's impressive personal portfolio
  36. Launchpost-list Fashion Company Of Parrots: Tim Lahan-designed T-Shirts for sale in our shop!
  37. Main My Favourite Music Video My Favourite Music Video: Give it up for Kyle Humphrey and Graydon Sheppard!
  38. Main1 Exhibition Photography: New show at LCC shows young travelling communities of the 90s
  39. List Graphic Design Graphic Design: Bedow create an identity that can be used as a board game
  40. List Design Indaba Events: It's Nice That to media partner with Design Indaba 2014