January 2014

  1. Main2_08.56.03 Illustration Illustration: We check back in with the superb Paul X Johnson
  2. List Illustration Illustration: Finally! Guess Who? is recreated using characters from Pulp Fiction
  3. Main Photography Photography: Trevor Hughes' collection of photos of bike messengers in the 90s
  4. List Film Film: Extraordinary aerial surf film made with a GoPro and quadrocopter
  5. Wekeendermain Weekender The Weekender: What do you get when you cross a week with an end? You got it, it's the Weekender!
  6. Main Friday Mixtape Mixtape: A Friday mixtape from up-and-coming New York band, Big Ups
  7. List Music Video Music Video: Mayer Hawthorne's analogue police chase video with a lyrical bonus
  8. Main Miscellaneous Miscellaneous: This blog collates paintings you come across in video games
  9. List Studio Audience Podcast Studio Audience: Pod's here with Tate sponsorship, Tracey Emin and science!
  10. List Miscellaneous Awards: Introducing this year's tremendous D&AD New Blood briefs
  11. List Film Film: Calling all commuters! Check out this slow-mo video of a high-speed train
  12. List Photography Photography: Enjoy Maurice van Es' collection of oddball sights he stumbles across
  13. Main Illustration Illustration: You just don't get much more joyful than the work of Berlin's Golden Cosmos
  14. List Introducing Introducing: Barcelona-based studio Querida tell us about their working day
  15. List2 Web Graphic Design: Made Thought's stunning update GF Smith's Colorplan site
  16. Main1 Photography Photography: Your favourite American celebrities photographed by Emily Shur
  17. List Publication Art: Tal R re-releases his artist's book of filthy sketches, The Moon
  18. Main Product Design Product Design: Panasonic ask 11 paper cut-out artists to design lanterns for charity
  19. Main8 Graphic Design Art: Anthony Burrill makes the the largest woodblock poster in history (maybe)
  20. Main20 Miscellaneous Miscellaneous: These are photos of grains of sand, magnified by Dr Gary Greenberg
  21. Main1 Graphic Design Graphic Design: Husbandmen create some glorious album artwork
  22. List Animation Animation: Wallpaper* celebrates its awards winners with a beautiful film
  23. List Film Opinion: Can Kickstarter help revive the great, lost genres of cinema?
  24. List Photography Photography: We love Rachel King's portraits of famous comedians
  25. Main1 Graphic Design Graphic Design: Dutch duo Studio Laucke Siebein, masters of modern design
  26. List-2 Illustration Illustration: Greek mythology at its most endearing in risograph project Chaos
  27. List Events Digital: New Steer course teaches you how to build iPad and iPhone apps
  28. List Here 2014 Here 2014: Save the date, our big creative conference is on its way!
  29. List Art Photography: Erin O'Keefe explores still-life trickery in new series
  30. Main Photography Photography: Janna Ireland's unexpectedly spooky shots of Hollywood
  31. 1 Photography Photography: Alex Prager has a brand new exhibition, and it's full of amazing work about crowds
  32. List Product Design Product Design: 365 Knitting Clock makes time more tactile by making a scarf
  33. Bookshelf-main Bookshelf Bookshelf: The inspiring books of Spanish graphic designers Córdova - Canillas
  34. Main1 Illustration Illustration: Hilarious one-liner cartoons from The New Yorker's Paul Noth
  35. List Graphic Design Graphic design: Eindhoven studio Raw Color develop lovely new identity
  36. List Photography Photography: Incredible shots of China's busy coastline from Zhang Xiao
  37. List Photography Photography: The Luxton brothers recreate their childhood pictures with terrific results
  38. List Fashion Illustration: Paulo Melo's graphic images give fashion photography the edge
  39. Main1 Film Film: Will Robson-Scott turns his lens to Shoreditch legend John and his dog George
  40. Main1 Publication Publication: Lubok move into uncharted waters with a new book from Neo Rauch