June 2014

  1. Main Uncategorized — Japanese artist Ryo Kuwabara's incredible eye-popping poster design
  2. List Photography Rennie Ellis' amazing photographs of Australia’s infamous and famous
  3. List Illustration Takeru Toyokura creates trippy, sinister children's scenes from coloured paper and felt
  4. List Illustration Ducks on steroids, mighty warriors and an irritating Grim Reaper lurking in Jack Teagle's portfolio
  5. Main Photography Rebellion, sex and lashings of fun in this new pile of work by photographer Jason Nocito
  6. List Photography Rosa Rendl imbues gorgeous still life shots with conceptual ambivalence in her new show
  7. Main Bookshelf The five favourite books of talented funny-man, Mr Bingo
  8. List Animation Freddy Arenas' beautiful animation for the New York Times tells the story of true love
  9. List Advertising The List looks at some of the stand-out winners from this year's Cannes Lions
  10. List Advertising Tom Darracott and Carl Burgess are together again for a new campaign for Loft
  11. List Illustration Harriet Lee-Merrion’s mesmerising narrative illustration
  12. List Publication Prill Vieceli Cremers create stunning work for a cultural project in Afghanistan
  13. List1 Art The live art auction PADDLES ON! promotes digital artists and their work
  14. Main Photography Photography: Marco Kesseler documents fear and waiting in Ukraine
  15. Main8 Illustration Sarah Lippett's incredible graphic novel about the extraordinary life of her grandfather
  16. List Web Gather round folks and meet your new-look It's Nice That website
  17. Main Music Enormous inflatable letters full of smoke make for a perfect music video
  18. List Advertising Hilarious ad for HelloFlo in which her mum throws her a party for starting her period!
  19. Main1 Illustration Ghost World meets Adrian Tomine, check out the spectacular R. Kikuo Johnson
  20. Main My Favourite Music Video Massive Attack's Unfinished Sympathy chosen by Phoebe Arnstein
  21. List Publication Viction:ary's new title Making A Splash shows off some masterfully expressive graphics
  22. List Art Astonishingly detailed paper cut-outs from artist Lucy Williams
  23. Main6 Exhibition The inimitable Ryan McGinley's new works on show at Galerie Perrotin, Hong Kong
  24. List Photography Dolly Faibyshev's garish shots of the 146th Belmont Stakes
  25. Main Graphic Design Great work and a well-shot portfolio from Acmé Studio
  26. List Web Cannes Lions-winning game Racer allows you to race your friends across multiple phone screens
  27. List Exhibition Immerse yourself in the world of MVM at his latest show in Oslo
  28. Nicertuesdays-football-1879 Nicer Tuesdays See Alice Devine's talk from our football themed Nicer Tuesdays!
  29. List Weekender Happy Summer Solstice! Dance like a hippy around the Weekender
  30. Main Friday Mixtape A special Friday mix from head of A&R at Warp Records, Stephen Christian
  31. List_ Royal College of Art Show RCA 2014 A second tranche of portraits featuring this year's graduates
  32. Main Publication Check out Alice Tye's beautiful illustrations for the latest issue of The Gourmand
  33. List Photography Eilon Paz portraits of collectors with their vinyl collections
  34. List Illustration Five of the best comics we found while at ELCAF 2014
  35. List Studio Audience Podcast Pod talks ELCAF, Here 2014 and the upcoming Bjork show
  36. Main5 Video 8- Bit Cinema turn Mean Girls into an anime game! Amazing!!
  37. List-screen Web Glasgow School of Arts students launch an amazing Mac Photographic Archive
  38. Main Art Getting eggy with prolific and somewhat fascinating Swiss artist, Urs Fischer
  39. Main1 Photography These portraits from Jessica Backhaus are simply beautiful
  40. List Things A pink and cream bundle of pompoms and hand-crafted publications