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November 2014

  1. Wee Weekender Batten down the hatches - it’s the weekly tornado of art and design, The Weekender!
  2. Fish Photography We can't get enough of these incredible analogue-created GIFs
  3. List Illustration Christian Skovgaard's new graphic novel is all about psychogeography
  4. List Art Stunning Polish Op-art works created in isolation finally celebrated
  5. List Illustration Smashing prints from French surrealist Baptiste Virot
  6. List Graphic Design BVD create a stunning origami S for Swedish design awards
  7. List Illustration Magoz's vibrant editorial illustrations are wonderfully minimal
  8. List Graphic Design Bendita Gloria's pickle stall identity is utterly brilliant and slightly bonkers
  9. List Photography German photographer Astrid Korntheuer captures colourfully chaotic scenes
  10. Updated Music Daniel Swan and David Rudnick blow things up in new RL Grime video
  11. List Behind The Screens The It's Nice That team share what they've learned about online publishing
  12. List Art Mark Lazenby continues to amaze with his latest collages
  13. Pentagram-list Graphic Design Pentagram's slick, colourful Queens Theatre identity
  14. List Illustration Joan Cornellà is back with more gruesome hilarity in comic strip form
  15. List Jameson The Jameson Works We chat to Wild Beasts about their GIF novel for The Jameson Works
  16. List The 2014 It's Nice That Annual 50 creatives give us the lowdown on their year for the 2014 It's Nice That Annual
  17. List Studio Audience Podcast We talk new-look KFC restaurants and Tate Modern's war photography show
  18. List Exhibition James Franco announces a new exhibition of art entitled Fat Squirrel
  19. List Film Stunning and dark film-noir inspired music video for Iceage
  20. List Art Will Cotton's oil-painted sugary scenes are insanely beautiful
  21. Listtt Graphic Design Great, playful Studio Hato-designed tool for year six kids to express themselves
  22. List Illustration Here are some mind-boggling GIFs from Erik Söderberg to transfix you
  23. List Film A thought-provoking project focussing on 48 hours with Ron Jeremy
  24. List-3 Photography The inimitable Harley Weir on beauty, saliva and snogging for i-D
  25. List The 2014 It's Nice That Annual Why there's a signed postcard on the cover of The 2014 It's Nice That Annual
  26. Opinion-list-new Opinion Why the David Hockney documentary is the best film I’ve seen this year
  27. List Graphic Design Spanish studio Querida designs a cool optical catalogue
  28. List Art Powerful words and punchy colours in Amy Woodside's new series
  29. List Nicer Tuesdays Chewing over last night's food-themed Nicer Tuesdays
  30. Lisr Photography Annabel Miedema creates a beautifully strange series of family scenes
  31. List Behind The Screens The editor of MR PORTER talks online content and commissioning artists
  32. List Graphic Design Superb pared-back branding inspired by freight containers
  33. List Illustration Comics, sketches and charming illustration from Danielle Chenette
  34. List Art Rafaël Rozendaal collects his stunning lenticular paintings together
  35. List Interactive Monument Valley releases final ever level and goes (RED)
  36. List Bookshelf Ewen Spencer gives us a lesson in British youth culture via his Bookshelf
  37. _rusty Photography Photographer Paul Rousteau's work is gloriously bright and cynicism-free
  38. List Publication Big branding projects as told through the eyes of the client
  39. Listtttt Graphic Design Barcelona-based P.A.R studio create neat identity for academic institution
  40. Main15 Behind The Screens An interview with Booooooom founder Jeff Hamada on the state of art blogging