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February 2015

  1. Weekender-list Weekender Sashay! Shantay! Down the art and design catwalk that is The Weekender!
  2. Michaelbierut-nyt-signage Design Indaba A look at Michael Bierut's defining designs as new book announced
  3. List Graphic Design Meet Richard Turley's right-hand man at MTV, Erik Carter!
  4. Jc-int-main1 Workwear Workwear: Fantastic animator Jack Cunningham on his wardrobe
  5. Rawcolor-febrik-4-int_copy Graphic Design Raw Color design slick identity for interior textiles brand Febrik
  6. No_rocket_asinello_press_1_1160-int-list Graphic Design Fabulous hoof-centric designs for Asinello Press
  7. Skrillex-doompy-poomp-int-list Film Cross-dressing, guns and hirsute nudity in Skrillex' latest music video
  8. Altos-adventure-int-list Interactive Kiss goodbye to your free time; meet Alto's Adventure!
  9. Daniel-swan-django-django-list Film Daniel Swan shows off experiments with light in new Django Django video
  10. Fyi-still-11-int_copy Film We chat to the student duo behind “FYI, I’m a graphic designer”
  11. Wk-nikelebron-int-list Design Indaba Mao to mangos, Lebron to bike lanes – day three at Design Indaba
  12. Gaeanwoods-int-main Photography Life in close-up through the lens of Gaea Woods
  13. Corners-by-kyuhyung-cho_04lst Product Design More awesome and playful work from Korean designer Kyuhyung Cho
  14. Untitled-paris-ad-int-list Graphic Design This must be Laplace: more superb branding from Untitled Paris
  15. Dyakova-list-mcm_gagosian_back-cover_905 Graphic Design Slick Atelier Dyakova designs for Michael Craig-Martin's Chatsworth House show
  16. Josephmann-int-1 Animation Joseph Mann animates a bunch of rats getting pissed in a pub
  17. Skipyoutube-int-list Miscellaneous Surf YouTube randomly with the excellent Skip-Youtube website
  18. Studio-audience-lemon_list Studio Audience Podcast Your weekly digest of art and design news, and a chat about creatives' clothes
  19. Wailin-editorial-7-int_copy Photography In Wai Lin Tse’s editorial photography life is endlessly well-lit
  20. List Graphic Design Very cool new Hot Chip album artwork will be unique for every single record
  21. Dominicwilcox-indaba-list Design Indaba Nando's wisdom and Dennis Hopper poetry at Design Indaba Day two
  22. Simonwhybray-workwear-int-main Workwear Designer/DJ/internet man Simon Whybray's workwear
  23. Kurppa-hosk-korshags-int-list Graphic Design Smoking new identity for a fish brand from Kurppa Hosk
  24. Matamatyka-int-main Illustration Misia Schmidt's ink drawings of teenage girls goofing and lazing around
  25. George-primo-louw-1 Graphic Design Jorge Primo's delicious deck designs for Louw skateboards
  26. Hatopress-book-5-int_copy Publication New book from Hato Press invites you to cook with Scorsese
  27. Jv-port-13-int_copy Illustration Joseph Veazey’s humourous illustration work shows his Adult Swim past
  28. _thom-atkinson-guy-the-gorilla_-natural-history-museum-int-list Photography Brilliant images of museum pieces outside the glass
  29. London-is-changing-intlist Art London is changing - is creativity taking the hit?
  30. Bensanders-potdealer-3-int_copy Art Creepy, jiggly-faced ceramics from artist Ben Sanders
  31. Rainroom-barbcian-int-list Here 2015 A look back at Here talks of previous years – #1 Stuart Wood
  32. Main-nt-int Nicer Tuesdays A recap of last night's Nicer Tuesdays all about publishing!
  33. Kathrynfleming-orchid-list Design Indaba Our highlights from the first day of the Design Indaba event in Cape Town
  34. Francesco-del-russo-bologna-int-list Graphic Design Bologna but not as we know it, thanks to designer Francesco Delrosso
  35. Cameron-stewart-fight-club-2-int-list Illustration Fight Club 2 artwork and six-page teaser unveiled
  36. Timcolmant-list-gif Illustration Let Tim Colmant's jovial illustration turn your frown upside down
  37. Eloisa-perez-book-int-list Graphic Design Beautiful, bright geometric shapes in new system to help kids learn to write
  38. Invitation-strictly-personal-list-int Publication Fashion meets graphic design in Iain R. Webb's vast archive of show invites
  39. List-adrian_skenderovic_down_the_river-15 Photography Cruise on down the river with these peaceful, slightly voyeuristic snaps
  40. Dominic-wilcox-bookshelf-list-int Bookshelf We speak to inventor Dominic Wilcox about his most inspiring books