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December 2017

  1. Review_of_the_year_most_read_list Review of the Year 2017 Review of the Year 2017: It's Nice That's 100 Most Read Articles
  2. Review_of_the_year_graphic_design_list Review of the Year 2017 Review of the Year 2017: Top 25 Graphic Design
  3. Review_of_the_year_illustration_list Review of the Year 2017 Review of the Year 2017: Top 25 Illustration
  4. Review_of_the_year_photography_list Review of the Year 2017 Review of the Year 2017: Top 25 Photography
  5. Review_of_the_year_moving_image_list Review of the Year 2017 Review of the Year 2017: Top 25 Moving Image
  6. November Review of the Year 2017 Battered by Storm Brian and narcissism from Minaj: what the hell happened in November?
  7. December_camera_a_2 Review of the Year 2017 Festive monsters, dyslexia and Gilbert and George: December on It's Nice That
  8. Listimage Nicer Tuesdays Jelly boobs, fruit brains, body hair and naked dancing: Nicer Tuesdays December review
  9. Christopher-raeburn-fashion-list Fashion Christopher Ræburn unveils redesign of the Victoria & Albert Museum's staff uniforms
  10. Romancejournal-publication-itsnicethat-list Publication Romance Journal uses feelings as a device to express social responsibility 
  11. Majid-adin-blinkink-the-journey-help-refugees-animation-itsnicethat Animation Iranian refugee and animator Majid Adin directs emotive film, The Journey
  12. September Review of the Year 2017 The (near) ban of Uber and a united front: a look back at September 2017
  13. October Review of the Year 2017 World Mental Health Day and Ryan Gosling makes typography jokes: highlights from October 2017
  14. List Review of the Year 2017 Seven creatives in seven cities around the world share what's great about their local culture
  15. Highlights-list Review of the Year 2017 Creatives around the world share the personal highlights and lowlights of their year
  16. Gilbertandgeorge-thebeardpicturesandtheirfuckosophy-art-itsnicethat-list Art 50 years of Gilbert and George: the artist duo tell us the meaning of life
  17. Bjork-jesse-kanda-arisen-my-senses-music-video-film-list Film Jesse Kanda directs Björk inside a giant silicon slug for Arisen My Senses video (NSFW)
  18. Ruohan-wang-list Illustration Ruohan Wang's chaotic, captivating illustrations
  19. Other-forms-publication-itsnicethat-list Publication Other Forms explores publishing and print as increasingly militant mediums
  20. Alexismark-graphicdesign-itsnicethat-list Graphic Design Design studio Alexis Mark utilises "linguistic systems" to push and merge art and design
  21. Beijing-olympics-logo-graphic-design-itsnicethat-list Graphic Design Beijing 2022 unveils official emblems for Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games
  22. Mushpit-list Publication Inside Mushpit issue 10, featuring Richard Turley as art director
  23. Macguffin-publication-itsnicethat-list Publication MacGuffin takes us inside its fifth issue: The Cabinet
  24. Arvr-list Review of the Year 2017 Parallel Worlds: how VR and AR became artists’ new canvas, and brands followed suit
  25. Eden-project-studio-swine_emilywhitfield-wicks-art-itsnicethat_list Sculpture Studio Swine’s giant "breathing" Eden Project sculpture will pay homage to cyanobacteria
  26. Image_of_2017_list Review of the Year 2017 Image of 2017: ten photographs that encapsulate the year
  27. August Review of the Year 2017 Blue dogs in Mumbai and David Attenborough: a look back at August 2017
  28. July Review of the Year 2017 From a global heatwave to a GoT photoshoot: a look back at July 2017
  29. Dictionary-stories-book-jez-burrows-publication-itsnicethat-list Publication Jez Burrows got a choir to sing strange example sentences from the dictionary
  30. Gabrielalcala-suspendedanimation-itsnicethat-list Illustration Gabriel Alcala's new book explores the nature of objects with giggle-inducing results
  31. Stranger-things-netflix-artwork-algorithm-itsnicethat-list Graphic Design Netflix reveals it personalises artwork design according to users’ viewing habits
  32. Heather-phillipson_-eat-here_-installation-view-at-schirn-kunsthalle_-frankfurt_-2016.-image-courtesy-the-artist-and-norbert-miguletz-_art_itsnicethat Art Transport for London’s public art programme will only commission women artists in 2018
  33. Ruthosssaipablodiprima-film-itsnicethat Film Pablo Di Prima and Ruth Ossai's film Ogbomgbom is an ode to West African "Kings"
  34. Seanvegezzi-dmycc-photography-itsnicethat-list Photography Go underneath Manhattan in Sean Vegezzi’s decade-long photography project, DMYCC 
  35. Vatican-news-accenture-graphic-design-digital-itsnicethat Graphic Design The Vatican appoints Accenture to design and rebrand its digital channels
  36. Review-of-the-year-google-sponsor-list Review of the Year 2017 Google Design’s best of 2017
  37. Kalin-haydon-american-nest-itsnicethat-list Photography Kalin Haydon captures the nostalgia of middle America’s bingo halls and bowling alleys
  38. June Review of the Year 2017 The UK snap election and the world of Weirdcore: a look back at June 2017
  39. May Review of the Year 2017 Political posters and Youtube Sans: a look back at May 2017
  40. Int_oneword17_list Review of the Year 2017 What one word best describes your year? Get involved in the Review of the Year Insta Brief