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Five things we learned at Nicer Tuesdays January

Nicer Tuesdays 2017 kicked off in epic style last night as we hosted our first in the new venue of Oval Space. To a packed audience, our fantastic speakers Seetal Solanki, OK-RM, Linda Brownlee and Jack Sachs took to the stage to take us through their recent projects. Covering a huge creative range, from innovative textiles and exhibition design to photographic portraits and animation, they all had one thing in common: an inspiring approach to their practice. Of the many things we learned, here’s the top five.


Check your email, and Ai Weiwei might wear your hat

Designer and materials expert Seetal Solanki admitted she almost missed out on her dream job because she initially ignored an email from Nike. Luckily she spotted it, and ended up working on a Nike Air Jordan capsule collection inspired by water. It included shoes, packaging design and a hat, expertly modelled by Ai Weiwei in the campaign photos. She also recently design textiles for Beyoncé’s Ivy Park AW16 collection.


Dutch design philosophy is based on collective responsibility

OK-RM co-founder Rory McGrath shared the design process behind the studio’s recent work for the Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam. Working as one of the teams involved in its Designing the Surface show, the studio was given autonomy on its area of the project, because the Dutch approach to design allows each individual freedom to own their part.


Stop looking for the perfect shot, and you might find it

Photographer Linda Brownlee took us through her recent book I Zii, for which she travelled to the Sicilian village of Gangi to photograph her friend’s family. She spoke of how she wanted to capture the people and environment as naturally as possible, so chose to stop waiting for the perfect shot and instead find the imperfect moments.


You can learn anything on YouTube

Jack Sachs showed a small selection of his recent animation work, including his Tate Britain “invasion” which saw him use motion-tracking to film the empty gallery and then fill it with his brilliant animated characters. In a fascinating screencapture film, he showed just how he does that, but admitted he didn’t fully understand the technology and has taught himself animation through YouTube videos.


Space exploration programmes need designers

Seetal also told us about her recent commission for Frame magazine to design for Mars. She expressed how she wouldn’t want to take Earth materials and contaminate the planet, so instead would build using indigenous materials Martian dust, iron and silicon, which are in abundance.


Thanks to everyone who came along last night. Next month’s line-up will be announced soon, so sign up to the newsletter to hear first.

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