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“Work hard and be nice to people”: what we learned at Nicer Tuesdays March

Oval Space was packed to the rafters for a stellar Nicer Tuesdays this month, featuring four creatives that hardly need an introduction. A Practice for Everyday Life co-founders Kirsty Carter and Emma Thomas took us through its serendipitous process behind the Tate Britain David Hockney exhibition book; Jon Burgerman caused mass giggling with his doodle stories; Anthony Burrill delivered some powerful statements for creative motivation; and Nelly Ben Hayoun blew the audience away with her energy and plans for reforming education. Here’s a few things we took away from this awesome evening.


Yorkshire is a place of inspiration

A Practice for Everyday Life’s David Hockney exhibition book was a dream project for the studio’s co-founders Kirsty Carter and Emma Thomas, having been inspired by the Yorkshire-born artist when first starting out as designers and with the studio also being founded in the region. The local connection didn’t stop there, with the type for the book – Bureau Grot Compressed – coming from a Sheffield-based foundry. “We really liked that the typeface we used was from the same county as Hockney”.


Doodles are powerful, but potentially immoral

Illustrator Jon Burgerman took us inside his brain with a whirlwind tour of his approach to creativity. “A doodle has the power to be anything,” he said, showing countless brilliant doodles of his own, including a project that saw him doodling “new bodies” for people he sat opposite on trains in Seoul, South Korea. This got him into a spot of bother, however, when an Instagram commenter told him that taking photos of people in public there was an “illegal and immoral conduct”. He instead brought the project to New York where “they don’t mind as much – also they’re just really tired”.


We can all learn something from Anthony Burrill

Designer Anthony Burrill had words of wisdom, motivation and enlightenment to share with the audience, in the understated fashion only Anthony could deliver. “When someone tells you what to do you should immediately ignore them,” he said. “Say something with your work. Don’t make visual wallpaper that doesn’t mean anything… Don’t look at others, look inside yourself.”

“I was built with a voice. I knew I had stuff I wanted to say.”


“You can come up with your own job”

Nelly Ben Hayoun told us about her new free design MA school, the University of the Underground, which will use left-field methods to teach students to innovate, particularly in the field of user experience for public institutions. She hopes the school will help build a “network of dreamers”, and is therefore looking for students who “think outside the box” because “let’s face it,” she says, “today you can come up with your own job”.


Rubbish can have personality

Jon also told us how he sees faces everywhere, and showed a recent Instagram project where he adds facial features to rubbish on the streets of his current home town. “New York’s got a lot of trash with personality. It’s satisfying to bring out the character of what’s there.” He also added: “Any idiot can put eyes on things, but maybe I can be that idiot.”


Thanks to everyone who came along last night, and to the audience members who were instantly inspired by Jon Burgerman’s social doodles – we’ve featured some of our favourites below.

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