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Anna Ginsburg on “bringing your wildest fantasies to life” through animation

“Animation is an amazing medium in terms of bringing your wildest fantasies to life, however physically impossible,” is how director and animator Anna Ginsburg opened her talk at Here 2017, while showing a rotating gif of Theresa May as a jar of mayonnaise.

Throughout her career Anna has crafted a unique role for herself through her interest in hybrid moving image, mixing traditional styles of animation with alternative approaches. Working predominately in music videos and short films, Anna’s showreel consists of a website dedicated to a spinning aubergine, live action films including musician Lucy Rose in a suit covered in chips with seagulls attacking her, and a animated documentary on sustainable fashion.

Talking through her start in music videos, Anna explains that she loves “working with audio as a starting point,” saying, “it never ceases to guide and inspire me”. A regular process the director adopts and loves is rotoscoping, an example of her hybrid style at its best.

The main project Anna took the Here 2017 audience through is Private Parts, an animated documentary commissioned by It’s Nice That for Channel 4’s Random Acts. When working on animated documentary, Anna explains that people are far more honest and open when just talking to a dictaphone rather than with a camera in their face and “you’re able to visualise the emotional and internal in a way you potentially struggle with live action”.

Private Parts “explores sexual equality and masturbation” through animation, and saw Anna interview friends and strangers, directing many of her favourite animators to create an insightful, often hilarious and joyful animations on female sexuality.

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Anna Ginsburg: Private Parts


Anna Ginsburg: Private Parts