Here London / Here 2017

“Don’t worry, I know exactly what I’m doing”: graphic artist James Jarvis at Here 2017

James Jarvis is a London-based graphic artist whose work, in his own words, encompasses “cartoons, objects, comics, graphic design, printmaking and moving image. His practice concerns drawing, philosophy, alternate realities, minimalism and skateboarding.”

After acquiring his first commission for the influential London skate shop Slam City Skates, he has since worked as an illustrator for a multitude of clients, including Coca-Cola, MTV, Nike and Sony. Through his work with Amos, a brand he founded and directed for 10 years, James created over 100 character toys, as well as graphics, comes strips, books, exhibitions, a music festival and a crazy-golf hole. He has also hosted various solo exhibitions in Tokyo, London and Berlin, and produced two moving image projects in collaboration with Richard Kenworthy.

For Here 2017, James talked us through his development and transformation as an artist. “Looking and thinking about my work, I felt like it had become purely about surface, how things look. I wanted it to be about how things are. Drawing can be an intellectual process, rather than an aesthetic one. Drawing is a method for me to understand the world.”

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