Here London / Here 2017

“I recreated Cleopatra’s voice”: Marguerite Humeau talks us through her intriguing inspirations at Here 2017

Marguerite Humeau’s work is a bit like a mystery that’s ready to unfold through exotic and unimaginable materials. She begins by seeking facts through speculation, in order to find the possibilities in the absence of evidence. She then explores the communication between worlds, by bringing life to extinct creatures or examining mortality with sculpture. Each piece of art is bold as the next.

Marguerite’s work has been featured among collections in MoMA (New York) and the Lafayette Corporate Foundation (Paris), and she has been presented in institutions such as the Hayward Gallery, the Serpentine Gallery, the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Cité du Design. She has also won numerous prizes, including the British Society of Sculptures Award in 2014.

For Here 2017, this astounding artist gave the audience a peek into her mind and bizarre creative processes. “I recreated Cleopatra’s voice with a team of vocal experts,” she said, before leaping into her extensive portfolio. “I made liquid human from components bought on eBay… I went to Thailand to get elephant tears, and Florida to get Black Mamba poison. Sometimes I send proposals to galleries and they say “we don’t get it but it sounds great! My brain is clear, but maybe to the rest of the world it’s not so clear.”

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