Here London / Here 2017

“Everything happens inside the sketchbook”: Noma Bar talks us through his extensive career at Here 2017

Illustrator, designer and artist Noma Bar has crafted a name for himself through his unique perspective of the world. A master of noticing negative space, Noma is famed for creating illustrations that regularly construct optical illusions, and consequently dual meanings feature heavily in his pieces, using moments from everyday life to create a relatable illustration.

At Here 2017, he talked us through his extensive career celebrated in a recently released five-volume retrospective book, Bittersweet. When talking through the five counterparts that create Noma’s tome of illustrations, the artist regularly repeats his method of working: “everything happens inside the sketchbook, and starts from the sketchbook".

The work generated from these sketchbooks shifts throughout his talk, but gives a clear understanding of how the illustrator works. Harking back to his childhood sketchbooks using crayons his sister sent him from America, to editorial portraits of everyone from Elvis to Quentin Tarantino, and his on-going notable work for Murakami’s book covers, Noma took the Here audience on a journey through his particular approach to illustration and the celebrated outcomes.

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