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Nadia Lee Cohen poses as characters from collected name badges for Dazed Beauty


Nadia Lee Cohen as Barbara for Dazed Beauty


We’re big fans of British filmmaker and photographer Nadia Lee Cohen here at It’s Nice That. Inspired by 50s and 60s American cinema, her over-saturated worlds never fail to entice us in. Whereas her theatrical worlds often feature glamorous female protagonists, a large part of Nadia’s practice includes self-portraiture, and it’s this skill that she has employed for a recent project for Dazed Beauty.

Appearing on the website of the media company’s latest venture, the series comprises of five self-portraits, each showcasing Nadia as a different fabricated character. Named Nic, Barbara, Lyn, Marianne and Mier, the characters are all inspired by name tags the Los Angeles-based photographer has been collecting for around five years.

“I would ask workers at drive-throughs and in stores if they would part with their badges and surprisingly a lot of them obliged. The intention of this was to eventually create a series of images in which I imagined the person’s character and embodied them physically and mentally for a short space of time,” she explains in a recent interview with Dazed Beauty.

Accompanying each self-portrait is a still-life image featuring a collection of objects; each object an imagined extension of her fabricated self. “For me, it is almost reminiscent of when someone has died and we look at their belongings in a much more tender way than when they were alive as each mundane object represents them, and in turn, becomes poignant to observe,” Nadia adds.

To find out more about the local town goth, Nic, or bingo and Bourbon biscuit fanatic, Lyn, you can read the full interview here.


Nadia Lee Cohen as Marianne for Dazed Beauty


Nadia Lee Cohen for Dazed Beauty


Nadia Lee Cohen as Nic for Dazed Beauty


Nadia Lee Cohen for Dazed Beauty


Nadia Lee Cohen as Lyn for Dazed Beauty


Nadia Lee Cohen for Dazed Beauty