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Nicer Tuesdays 2016

Nicer Tuesdays is a monthly event curated by It’s Nice That bringing together a selection of speakers for short, sharp insights on new and timely projects. A big thanks to our sponsor Park Communications for supporting us this year.

Maisie Willoughby December 2016

Maisie Willoughby showcases her recently exhibited photography series Girl on Girl – a set of 10 shots which open up the discussion around both the male and female gaze in photography.

Jess Bonham and Anna Lomax December 2016

Photographer Jess Bonham and set designer Anna Lomax talk us through their long list of creative collaborations, leading up to their most recent work, She Said.

Wallace Henning December 2016

Wallace Henning takes us on a whirlwind tour of his year-long passion project: republishing the original 1965 British Rail Corporate Identity Manual in its entirety.

Jamie Clifton November 2016

Editor of UK Jamie Clifton gives intriguing insight to the workings of this renowned media outlet, and how it collaborates with illustrators and photographers to visualise stories.

Madeleine Penny November 2016

Photography director Madeleine Penny talks us through her work on Avaunt and Eureka magazines, and her tips for making a great shoot come together.

Gemma Germains November 2016

Gemma Germains explains the thoughts behind her It’s Nice That article Work Hard, Be Nice to People and Have Rich Parents, addressing privilege in the creative industry.

Jack Hudson November 2016

Jack Hudson explores the fascinating process behind illustrating everything from cosmology to quantum physics for The Earth and I, a book by scientific visionary James Lovelock.

Greg Barth October 2016

Director Greg Barth takes us behind the scenes of his mind-bending and crazy films, including the recent music video for Red Axes with Jack Sachs, which shows the silly side of VR technology.

Roberto Rosolin October 2016

Roberto Rosolin has been art director of nightclub Fabric for 17 years. Here he gives fascinating insight to his work on all its posters, which use minimal resources to great visual effect.

Liv Siddall October 2016

Liv Siddall, editor of Rough Trade Magazine, tells the brilliant story of creating the mag from scratch, aiming to add some irreverence to music publishing.

Rob Flowers October 2016

Rob Flowers shares his enviable collection of retro toys and McDonalds ephemera, which have inspired his trippy illustration and animation work for the likes of Maynards Bassetts and Google.

Sam Pilling September 2016

Director Sam Pilling gives us some fascinating insights to his latest music video for Nobody Speak by DJ Shadow featuring Run the Jewels.

Kit Caless September 2016

Kit Caless shares the story behind his book Spoon’s Carpets – a project based on documenting the rich tapestries underfoot at Wetherspoons pubs around the UK.

Phil Sharp September 2016

Photographer Phil Sharp discusses the moral implications of street photography whilst flicking through his Ermine Street series, for which he photographed people who roamed no further than 100 yards from his front door.

Hattie Newman September 2016

Set designer Hattie Newman talks us through her incredible paper cut creations, ending with the process behind the “ultimate town” – a paper city representing architecture from around the world.

Benedict Redgrove August 2016

Photographer and filmmaker Benedict Redgrove gives incredible insights to his Tennis Ball film for ESPN, capturing the beauty and precision of the manufacturing process at the Wilson tennis ball factory in Thailand.

Otegha Uwagba August 2016

Otegha Uwagba explains the foundations of Women Who, her initiative to connect, support and inspire creative working women, while offering practical, real-life advice.
DR.ME August 2016

Mark Edwards, one half of design studio DR.ME, talks about personal project 365 days of Collage and how it became Cut That Out, a book on avant-garde contemporary collage.

Steph Wilson August 2016

Photographer Steph Wilson chats about the use of humour in her provocative work, such as Emoji, a witty and risque series tackling social media censorship.

Supermundane July 2016

Supermundane talks us through the work from his recent solo show Everything Connects, and treats us to a rare performance of his Kerning song.

Monotype July 2016

Malou Verlomme, senior designer at Monotype, talks us through the fascinating process behind reviving TfL’s Johnston typeface.

Zelig Sound July 2016

Music and sound design studio Zelig Sound shares the intricate process hidden behind its slick compositions.

Hayley Louisa Brown July 2016

Hayley Louisa Brown, founder of hip hop magazine Brick, explains how a multitude of inspirational factors brought her to where she is now.

Yuri Suzuki June 2016

Sound artist and designer Yuri Suzuki explains and demonstrates his AR Music Kit, which allows anything from a tennis racket to a cardboard box to become a musical instrument.

Jimmy Turrell June 2016

Jimmy Turrell shares behind-the-scenes insights into his surreal and psychedelic animated collage video for Beck’s latest single, Wow, which he created in just eight days.

Anna Ginsburg June 2016

Anna Ginsburg talks us through her cheeky film Private Parts for Channel 4’s Random Acts series, commissioned by It’s Nice That, for which she interviewed people about female pleasure and animated them as talking genitals.

Builders Club May 2016

Builders Club reveals the big secret behind its documentary Robert Rushkin — The Artist and how to twist reality in the internet age.

Erik Kessels May 2016

Erik Kessels, founding partner of KesselsKramer, explains his obsession with finding the beauty in failure.

Mushpit May 2016

Mushpit founders Bertie Brandes and Charlotte Roberts take us through the creation of their feminist magazine and how to maintain creative freedom.

Kathryn Ferguson May 2016

Kathryn Ferguson discusses her beautiful fashion films for Selfridges which challenge perceptions and equality in the industry.

Amanda Gore April 2016

Amanda Gore explains how and why her agency The Liminal Space made a fake brand to raise awareness about women’s fertility and egg-freezing.

Naresh Ramchandani April 2016

Pentagram partner Naresh Ramchandani, the agency’s first ever communications and advertising partner, champions the power of words.

Gavin Lucas April 2016

Gavin Lucas enlightens us on the phenomenon and history of emoji and how they’ve transformed the way we communicate.

Jane Stockdale April 2016

Photographer Jane Stockdale tells the fascinating tale of her project, Go Go Kosovo which documents the Kosovan Olympic team’s first Games.

Tim Williams March 2016

Design Studio’s creative director Tim Williams talks us through the rebranding of the Premier League.

Elly Ward March 2016

Elly Ward from Ordinary Architecture proves that there’s a wealth of beauty to be found in ordinary things.

Robert Hunter March 2016

Robert Hunter takes us through the fascinating journey of reinventing The Jungle Book in his new children’s book.

Stuart Tolley March 2016

Dispelling the myth that minimal design is easy, founder of graphic design agency Transmission Stuart Tolley runs us through a couple of his stunning books.

Fraser Muggeridge February 2016

Fraser Muggeridge delivers an impassioned talk about why being a good graphic designer and specifically, a technique that he painstakingly revived that involves a lot of hand engraving.

Juno Calypso February 2016

Juno Calypso runs us through her cheeky, quirky and intricately staged images, which see her trawling through unusual locations and strange character designs.

Sarah Hyndman February 2016

A simple, but very effective demonstration of how type design affects the way we read, the way we respond to commands and even our moods from Sarah Hyndman.

Paul Gorman February 2016

Cultural commentator Paul Gorman talks us through his map that’s been created for this year’s celebrations of the 40th anniversary of punk.

Marina Willer January 2016

We heard from Marina Willer, partner at Pentagram. Marina told us about her project Red Trees, a documentary about her family surviving the Nazi occupation of Prague and fleeing to Brazil.

Charlie Kwai January 2016

Photographer Charlie Kwai joined us, who had recently returned from Ghana where he has spent time photographing the country’s street culture.

Isabel + Helen January 2016

Featured on our Ones to Watch list for 2016, Isabel + Helen described their recent projects for the likes of Selfridges and London Design Festival.

Kevin King January 2016

We heard from Kevin King co-founder of Secret 7”, who described the project that takes some of the best-known songs and asks creatives to design record sleeves.