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Posted by Jez Burrows,

No matter how jaded I sometimes feel with regard to music, I think I’ve got a bottomless amount of fanboy enthusiasm for all things Radiohead related. So the news of their 7th album In Rainbows and the unique way they’ve chosen to release it has made me very happy.

In a nutshell, there are two versions of the album. The ‘discbox’ is the physical package, comprising 2 CDs, 2 heavyweight vinyls, artwork and lyric booklets, all cased in a hardback book. £40 to you, guv’. The digital package (which you automatically receive if you buy the discbox) is simply a digital download of the first CD. The nicest thing here however is that you choose what to pay for the download. The checkout merely gives you a blank box in which you name your price. This comes out in 10 days time.

(Just ignore that the type is a little unfortunate.)

Posted by Jez Burrows