Insights is a research-driven department within It’s Nice That, providing partners with opinions and perspectives direct from the global creative community.

Given It’s Nice That’s bird’s-eye-view on creativity as a media platform, Insights combines our creative awareness, authoritative voice and unparalleled network to educate and inspire.

As a department, Insights collaborates with creative teams on projects, offering bespoke research into visual trends, talent recommendations and community insights in collaboration with the network of creatives we write about. On It’s Nice That, we create research-focused editorial campaigns and report on the discussions driving the creative industry in our fortnightly column POV.

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Shades of Intelligence

Shades of Intelligence saw Insights tackle arguably our industry’s most divisive subject matter: artificial intelligence. Culminating in a five-part series, our team developed a bespoke body of research by surveying the It’s Nice That audience. With a unique understanding of how our creative community are actually feeling towards the adoption of AI, the series looked at the life cycle of any creative project, interviewing creative leaders utilising machine learning at various stages of the process.

Adobe x It’s Nice That: The Creative Skills Report

Made in partnership with Adobe Enterprise, The Creative Skills Report surveyed 60 of Europe’s leading agencies, brands and studios to gain insight into the skills, needs and opinions of creative industry leaders. With a respondent list curated by It’s Nice That, the final report discussed new ways to support junior team members, how to embed training surrounding new technologies and the ideal skill set to balance within a creative team.

Global Type

Part directory, part editorial exploration of type design worldwide, Global Type demonstrates It’s Nice That’s creative awareness and connections through talent recommendations. The final report showcased 100 independent type designers and foundries around the world, with guest interviews diving deeper into the type design scenes in South America, Central and Eastern Europe and South East Asia. Despite being published in 2023, Global Type remains to be downloaded by our design community on a daily basis.

Adobe x It’s Nice That: 3D Skills Report

Building on the success of The Creative Skills Report, we worked again with Adobe to create a new report focussed on 3D design. Made in collaboration with Adobe Substance 3D, Insights curated a respondent list of Europe-based digital creatives to offer their perspective on this fast growing industry. The results painted a picture of an industry in the midst of a boom – with demand for 3D design skills at an all-time high.

The Lazy Report

Inspired by “Goblin Mode” being selected as Oxford Dictionary’s term of the year in 2022, The Lazy Report investigated a new found appreciation for rest and recuperation. Gathering data through a series of social hosted polls, The Lazy Report presented a defence for laziness as part of the creative process, featuring interviews with “lazy” creatives, as well as routine-focussed tips and tricks.

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